Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Disabled White Senior Citizens Attacked by Negro Animals

I often wonder what it will be like growing old in whatever vile ruin replaces the rotting corpse of the U.S.S.A. What will it be like being a hated minority in my own country, being surrounded by violent and moronic tar-complected animals that want me and everyone I care about dead? We can draw some insight into the dark future from today's story. It's a senseless and brutal crime directed at the most helpless available victims, it's a clear illustration of what will remain if we lose, if the jewish enemy and the multi-cult doom it promotes is not replaced with a White Nation. If I ever had second thoughts about why I fight the encroaching darkness a story like this would banish them forever.

A couple  is recovering after they were beaten and robbed in a Henrico home invasion. Nine days have passed since James Costello, 79,  and Sharon Fusco, 70, were victimized inside their Elfstone Lane home, off Mechanicsville Turnpike.

You might recall the national news coverage, the presidential address complete with fake tears, the calls for new legislation to control the dangerous animals turned loose in our midst. Or you might not, since none of that happened. It's just elderly and defenseless Whites being mauled by Obama's kids, go back to your negro ball and your la-teen-oh month celebrations. Nothing to see here, now work hard so your tax dollars can fund more of this.

Stone age creature unleashed by the jew.

"They took $700 and some,” said Costello.  “It was my rent money."

The real-life negro is a little different than the ones on the electronic synagogue.

The two victims are not only senior citizens: one is bed-ridden, the other’s in a wheelchair.

Targeting the weak and helpless, the coward's courage of the living dog shit. They don't care if you voted for the mulatto or if you worked hard your entire life to fund ill-conceived "more needs to be done" programs. They want us dead.

"He threw me out of my wheelchair onto the floor and beat the hell out of me,” said Costello. “Then he pulled my shirt and ripped it and took and took the money out of my pocket."

The content of their character. Deportation is the only solution. 

Police identified 32-year-old Howard Curtis Willis as one of the suspects.  He and a second man are still at large.

It takes multiple negroes to batter a 79-year-old White man in a wheelchair. These are the worthless two-legged vermin the jew insists are our equals. This is why you need to be armed.

"Make sure you keep your doors locked because in this case the door was unlocked," said Henrico Police spokesman Lt. Chris Eley.

Cower behind locked doors, hope it keeps out the non-White garbage.

Police said Willis frequents the Gilpin Court housing projects, but so far officers haven't been able to track him down.

No arrests were made.

Costello and Fusco said they're able to keep "in the know" about their case because Willis is related to someone who provides in-home care to Fusco.

Obviously, or maybe not to whoever wrote this article, the negro "caregiver" set up this "robbery gone wrong." Let in the mythical "one good one," what could possibly go wrong? 

Fusco said she was worried that the men had seriously hurt Costello as they tossed him from his wheelchair.  Physically, Costello said the pain has subsided.  But expressed a desire to move because emotionally, they're nervous, and unable to fight intruders off.

More forgotten victims, more broken lives. We must keep paying, keep groveling, keep appeasing a failed race that has no place in a civilized nation. Had enough yet?

Costello is also worried how he will pay this month’s rent.

White privilege. 

Another forgotten victim.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Chiraq: 57 Shot in One Weekend

Black lives only matter when they can be used as a cudgel against White America. When it comes to traditional negro pathology, the tribal warfare and all against all found in places like South Sudan and Detroit, the crisis simply isn't useful. "Can it be used to attack Whites?" is always the question asked by the media jew and when the answer is no, it's memory hole time. In the kosher Chicago plantation over fifty identical looking and behaving browns got lead injections in a few days. With no Whites to point the finger at and "gun control" still an extremely hard sell to the goyim, there's not much for the dinosaur media to do but quickly mention how Devontaevius got limited while sitting in a car and Juan died in a "walk-by shooting" and hope no one notices that we're sharing our land with dangerous alien savages who are completely incompatible with a civilized White nation.

It was another violent weekend in Chicago. Four people were killed and 53 others were injured in shootings across the city.

Another Chicago bloodbath, genetic outsiders waging war against the backdrop of a ruined city, the amazing "diversity" of dangerous animals the color of a bowel movement showing the content of that character. Somehow only four died. If the negro would learn to properly aim a firearm (no, not sideways, Barkevious) we'd be seeing the dead negro storage facilities packed wall to wall. This massive pathology and collective failure of an alien race is completely ignored. Hey, isn't that negro ball on the talmudvision? Look at that boy run and those la-teen-ohs hold their foreign flags. Keep sleeping and paying taxes, there absolutely isn't a full-blown war raging a few miles from your house.

Police said three men and a woman were standing on the sidewalk in the 5200-block of South Justine Street around 10:40 p.m. Sunday when a light-colored SUV drove by and someone inside opened fire.

A light-colored SUV full of dark-colored contents unloads on their fellow evolutionary dead-ends. Standing around, is it more dangerous than sitting in a car or walking down an alley?

Floating white shirts blamed for Chicago's "gun problem."

A 30-year-old man was shot in the groin, a 33-year-old man was hit in the hip area and a 35-year-old man was shot in the leg and hip. All three are listed serious condition at Stroger Hospital.
Shot in muh dikk. Time for some of that free medical care, let's pull those bullets out of coal-colored "booty" on your dime.

Area Central police are investigating the shooting. No one is in custody.

No arrests were made. There's the surprise of the century.

About 3 p.m., Quinton Dgoins, 25, was inside a car in the 3900 block of West Roosevelt Road when another car drove by and people from inside both cars began shooting at each other, according to Chicago Police and the Cook County medical examiner's office.

Sitting in a car goes wrong, as it often does for the "Afro-American." Broad daylight gunfights, the rich and vibrant experience of the living fossil.

Chicongo's amazing "diversity."

Marcus Cox, 28, was standing outside about 4:20 a.m. in the 9600 block of South Morgan when someone fired shots in his direction, striking him in the abdomen, authorities said.

We're told these are our equals, that they're just sun-tanned Whites with receding foreheads, brow ridges, muzzles, flat noses and inflated lips. "I bee standing out-sade at foe in da moe-ning. Sheet, some nigga be busting." 

Abraham Barrera, 23, and another man, 24, were driving in the 1100 block of West 18th Street about 3:20 a.m. when someone walked out of an alley and opened fire, authorities said. Both were shot in the head.

See, it's not all negro violence. The la-teen-oh makes its foul-smelling contribution to the salad dish that is the U.S.S.A. This one almost has it all: a non-White scumbag, an alley, sitting in a car gone wrong, walk-up shooting. We may be looking at the perfect example of the Chicago rot.

Eyyy, I seeet in deees cah neeeh da alleeey, I theeeenkk.

Investigators think the shooting was gang-related.

The 90 I.Q. police are definitely on to something this time.

About noon, a 25-year-old man was arguing with a 34-year-old man inside the apartment in the 700 block of East 47th Street when the older man opened fire, police said.

On the telavivision they're doctors and businessmen, clean-cut, successful and very desirable mating partners for White women, hint, hint. Here they are in real life.

Police identified the shooter as Marvin Lee. He initially called for help saying the other man had broken into his home, but detectives determined they knew each other and had an altercation prior to the shooting.

Dindu nuffin defense foiled, the case of the chimp-out gone wrong is solved.

Anthropological curiosity opened fire.

Two men, ages 28 and 30, were both shot at 2:53 a.m. during an argument with someone outside in the 5700 block of West Grand, police said. 

 This is why democracy is such an effective and logical system.

When officers responded to the scene of the shooting, a male ran away and a foot chase ensued, police said. Shots were fired from police officers in the 2700 block of North Major, but no one was struck and the suspect was subsequently taken into custody.

Jesse Owens act followed by an unsuccessful Michael Brown try-out. How can we blame police and Whites for this? We can't? Memory hole it.

A weapon was recovered and charges were pending early Monday, police said.

This weapon would have become a sandwich if Carl Lewis had been hit.

Less than an hour earlier, a man was injured in a drive-by shooting in the West Side Austin neighborhood.

This is something that just happened, not a replay of past events. Honest, it is!

He was shot in the hip and was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where his condition was stabilized. A police source said the man is a documented gang member.

You'll get the bill for patching up this piece of dog shit. 

At least 40 other people have been shot in the city between 3:50 p.m. Friday and 3 a.m. Monday.

Black lives splatter. If we documented every unique case of standing on a sidewalk or walking down an alley this article would be the length of a modest novel, so suffice it to say there was a lot of less interesting negro and la-teen-oh pathology.

Additionally, a Chicago Police officer shot and killed a man who charged at officers with a sharp object about 9 p.m. in Humboldt Park's 900 block of North Central Park, officials said.

How about that. Maybe we will still get that next Michael Brown. Sharp object up, don't shoot. 

 Jeb Bush supporter got shot.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Mulatto President Approves New Jewish Propaganda Techniques

Whites in the U.S.S.A. are starting to get a little uppity, engaging in crime thought and even sometimes the mildest possible actual opposition to the jewish communism that has devastated and killed our nation. Traditional propaganda, designed to humiliate rather than convert, isn't working. A pack of la-teen-ohs holding foreign flags on the Africa ball field is seen as the kosher kick in the crotch that it is, the latest "good boy" to be placed in dead negro storage is not winning any sympathy from Whites increasingly disgusted by the lies. Clearly, new means of shaping behavior, that is enforcing right think, are needed.

President Obama announced a new executive order on Tuesday which authorizes federal agencies to conduct behavioral experiments on U.S. citizens in order to advance government initiatives.

Get ready to be a lab rat in a jewish maze, goyim. King mulatto issues the royal decree while the light of the world pulling the wires on this Kenyan queer rub their hands together and dream of another holodomor.

“A growing body of evidence demonstrates that behavioral science insights — research findings from fields such as behavioral economics and psychology about how people make decisions and act on them — can be used to design government policies to better serve the American people,” reads the executive order, released on Tuesday.

There's no logical argument for cultural marxism and they're even losing the emotional battle thanks to endless ham-handed and tone-deaf appeals to a White population that's starting to see the writing on the wall. It's time to deploy the jewish psychology to "better serve" the U.S.S.A. Saying "It's the right thing to do" and dropping constant embarrassing references to "folks" and "God's green earth" isn't getting the job done. We need to be beaming "Obey" and "No independent thought" right into the brains of the shkotzim.

The new program is the end result of a policy proposal the White House floated in 2013 entitled “Strengthening Federal Capacity for Behavioral Insights.”

Our criminal government is in the mind-washing business. Oh well, time to watch the negroes throw a misshapen ball around. Hey, they're celebrating the la-teen-oh invader. That's great.

The initiative draws on research from University of Chicago economist Richard Thaler and Harvard law school professor Cass Sunstein, who was also dubbed Obama’s regulatory czar.

Every. Single. Time. The jew scumbag behind the spiritual evil, the parasite still clinging to the rotting remains of our nation.

The jewish czar.

The two behavioral scientists argued in their 2008 book “Nudge” that government policies can be designed in a way that “nudges” citizens towards certain behaviors and choices.
You know, like a bayonet in your back or a starvation campaign in the Ukraine. 

The executive order specifically directs federal agencies to develop nudge programs that help individuals, families, communities and businesses “access public programs and benefits by, as appropriate, streamlining processes that may otherwise limit or delay participation.”

More "gibs me dats" for the dark cancer and more White Genocide. Keep paying those taxes and go back to sleep, everything's fine. Here, let me "nudge" you toward this open grave.

This can be achieved by “administrative hurdles, shortening wait times, and simplifying forms,” the order suggests.

Just make some sort of mark on or near the line and we'll start giving you money stolen from working Whites.

The order also suggests that agencies fiddle with whether to label certain expenditures as “benefits, taxes, subsidies” or other incentives to “efficiently promote” programs.

Try not to remind Whites that we're paying in money and blood for our own destruction in the countries we built.

Trust me.

President Obama’s federal health care law, Obamacare, is replete with “nudge” language and experimentation.

No one actually read it or anything, but it's in there somewhere.

Another nudge contained in Obamacare was brought to light in the debate over whether the individual mandate contained in the law was a tax hike.

We'll just strip words of their meaning, a Harvard jew said it would work.

“Ultimately, nudging…assumes a small group of people in government know better about choices than the individuals making them.”

Well, who can argue with the communist track record of success?

Friday, September 25, 2015

"Racism" Blamed for Negro Idiocy

Our kosher State Religion of cultural marxism requires a constant state of willful ignorance from all but the most completely deluded true believers. The low intelligence and poor behavior of the negro has been so extensively documented pointing it out shouldn't even be slightly controversial, but the jewish equality cult will gladly ruin your life for noticing self-evident facts. Instead, our enemies tie themselves into knots trying to explain away genetic determinism, usually blaming Whites in the process and then turning around and begging for the White Devil to please come back.

The doublethink and cognitive dissonance contortions become increasingly pathetic as all the traditional excuses collapse. It must be economic! We need fewer White teachers. Maybe the system itself is somehow broken? Anything but admitting what is obvious to anyone who isn't living in fear of the jew. The negro is inferior, dangerous, filthy, moronic and has no place in a White nation.

As concerns mount over the resegregation of the nation’s public schools, a new federal study shows that black and white students at schools with a high density of black students perform worse than those at schools with a lower density of black students.

Maybe that full standard deviation in I.Q. is playing some minor role in the predictable "African American" failure? No, must be "races" Whites, poverty, the legacy of slavery, classes that aren't completely taught in rap lyrics and/or click language, White teachers, not enough spending, sickle cell anemia, having a president who is only mulatto instead of tar-colored black, evil Whites, cosmic rays, etc.

The report, released Thursday by the National Center for Education Statistics, the research arm of the U.S. Department of Education, sheds new light on the achievement gap between white and black students and bolsters policymakers’ fears about the ramifications of increasingly segregated schools. 

Oh no, segregation. How can we find a happy balance between White Genocide and fixing the rot that remains when we're dead or fled? "We need more dark aliens," comes out of one side of the kosher maw, "Come back Whitey, we dyin' hee-ah!" out the other.

"I think that we all have some sort of anecdotal sense that racial isolation or the resegregation of schools going in that direction is not a good thing,” says acting NCES Commissioner Peggy Carr.

Barkevious can't get that learn on when surrounded by its fellow animals. We need Whites and Asians to bite this "diversity" shit sandwich and pull up the embarrassing averages a little. But remember, genetic differences in intelligence aren't real and are also "races."

Whites help the negro "learn."

“It’s not good for anyone. But being able to define it and put your finger on it … and be more diagnostic about the probable impact was really eye-opening for me.”

Mebbe killin' da debil bee bad fo' so-sigh-it-tee. Sheeet.

The report found that, on average, white students attended schools that were 9 percent black while black students attended schools that were 48 percent black.

Sending more negroes into the Whitest areas of Montana and Idaho is clearly the answer.

Achievement was lower for both black and white students in schools where black students accounted for more than 40 percent of the student body, compared to schools where black students accounted for less than 20 percent of the student body.

I would imagine. Good luck trying to learn when Dajewjuan is going off like an air raid siren, SirDarius won't stop (c)rapping about its penis and La-ah keeps screaming about how "Dem hoes be yella! You yella!" Must be White racism causing Whites in negro schools to learn less. Come on, use your imagination!

For some reason this White student is also struggling.

Those findings weren’t entirely unexpected.

Yeah. No shit.

But what did surprise Carr, she says, was that the achievement gap for black students was largely due to the performance of black male students, not black female students.

I'm waiting with bated breath for the amazing scientific explanation of what we're currently calling the "Muh Dikk Effect." 

The black-white achievement gap has been studied for years, but its relationship to school composition has generally not been explored.

"The Flat Earth theory has been studied for years, but the reasons why we can't see the world's tallest mountains on the horizon has generally not been explored."

Civil rights groups were quick to point out that decades of inequitable funding for schools, particularly for those with large populations of minority students, has played a significant role in establishing achievement gaps.

This nonsense has been proven wrong beyond any reasonable doubt, but when you get a paycheck for being a victim and hating Whites you have to protect that sinecure.

"It’s time we got serious about school diversity and providing resources necessary for every child to succeed.”

I guess expecting a "thank you" for over fifty years of wasting money on this failed race is asking too much. More needs to be done, much more.

The groups also underscored, however, that just because a school has a large density of black students, doesn’t mean that it can’t be successful on its own.

[citation missing]

“We also have to highlight that there are examples of schools that have an overwhelming number of African-American students and are excelling at high levels, and I don’t want that point to get lost in our effort to push for more equitable resources,” says Sonja Brookins Santelises, vice president of K-12 policy and practice at The Education Trust, a civil rights advocacy organization.

We're not a total and complete monolithic failure, there's the occasional exception to the general rule of negro pathology. Now gibs me dat. 

Lack of "equitable resources" caused this.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Muslims Try to Stone the Devil, Hundreds Die

Islam is a great religion, a deeply spiritual faith that is totally compatible with our Western values of democracy, sodomy, open borders and insane passivity in the face of imminent disaster. After all, every religion teaches us to love the alien, to give up our homelands to rape bands, to die as a people. All right, maybe there's that one special faith that just coincidentally teaches ethnic superiority and calls other people cattle, but we're trying to talk about the religion of peace here so let's not get side-tracked. The bottom line is that inviting in the moose-limb and the pathology it carries will be a massive benefit for places like Sweden. White countries, after all, are for everyone.

A stampede during the Hajj outside of the holy Muslim city of Mecca has claimed about 717 lives and left 863 pilgrims injured, Saudi Arabia’s Civil Defense Service reported.

Brown monsters hyped up on idolatry and blood lust run wild. The chance to worship the magic cube filled the savage with a child-like desire to stomp the broken bodies of their fellow jihadans. Hundreds who will never get to enjoy Germany's national suicide, praise allah.

The ritual of the ‘Stoning of the Devil’ is performed in a valley surrounding the neighborhood on the night before last day of the Hajj.

They wanted to stone the devil, or maybe cut off his head with a scimitar. Instead their real father punishes his uppity children. Devil: 1, moe-ham-head: 0.

 Look, muslims that are actually peaceful!

Muslims worldwide are celebrating on Thursday the holy day of Eid al-Adha. An estimated 2 million pilgrims traveled to Mecca for the celebration.

Yeah, we know. Our "Christian" mulatto president won't stop talking about it.

Just two weeks ago over a hundred people were killed in Mecca when a construction crane fell on the crowded Grand Mosque. The worshipers had gathered in the city ahead of this year’s Hajj.

The religion of pieces.

The Al-Ma'aisim tunnel stampede is the worst single such incident, although the Thursday tragedy in Mina appears to be the second-deadliest during the Hajj. 

Funny how "Second deadliest Christmas ever" and "Easter stampede leaves hundreds dead" are headlines you never see. It's almost like there's genetic, cultural and racial differences that have a huge impact on human behavior, but the jew says we're equal and that's good enough for me.

Coming soon to your formerly White homelands.

About 1,000 Shiite believers were killed in Baghdad in 2005 during a stampede at the Al-Aaimmah Bridge over the River Tigris.

Crossing a bridge gone wrong, random incident, more of these in Luxembourg, etc.

The crowd of pilgrims was marching toward the Al Kadhimiya Mosque when panic spread over rumors of an imminent suicide bombing attack.

It turned out to be a clock one of them had "invented."

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Kentucky Schools Want Fewer White Teachers

When you examine peaceful and prosperous success stories like South Africa, Zimbabwe and Detroit it's obvious that fewer Whites, a.k.a. "diversity," is the answer. Clearly Barkevious is dumb, violent and sexually aggressive and Juan is lazy, filthy and has no interest in learning our language or cultural norms because of the presence of the White devil. If Whites could just be removed, possibly via a lengthy jewish campaign of spiritual evil combined with open borders invasion, everything wrong with the teeming brown metastasis should magically repair itself. This is the logic of a society that has lost its mind, lost its soul and can't even defend itself from the most direct attacks imaginable. This is the argument for White Genocide. It's the biggest crock of shit I've ever seen, a blind and insane faith in a death cult, the virulent Flat Earth of our time.

Paducah Public Schools wants to make all of its students more comfortable in the classroom. 

Well, except for White students, who will be targeted by dangerous "minorities" for pack attacks, but who cares about them, we want them dead anyway.

"We are not diverse as we want to be," said Assistant Superintendent William Black.

"There are still some Whites that aren't dead or fled and here's why that's a problem..." This clown gets paid to play anti-White make-believe in a dead nation. Remove and kill Whites, the most non-controversial position you can possibly take in the putrid remains of the U.S.S.A.

 Detroit classroom after achieving the "diversity" goals.

Paducah Public Schools says it can do better with one of the most diverse student populations in the state. To do that, they want to diversify staff and administrators.

We'll defeat genetic determinism by systematic discrimination aimed at Whites! 

Hundreds of students of different shapes, sizes and ethnic backgrounds walk through the hallways of this elementary school every day. 

Yes, shapes. Here's Dajewdejuan, a giant tar-colored cube. Meet Jose, a sawed-off cluster of glowing crystals dripping Rio Grande water. Back in reality all this "difference" comes down to identical-looking and behaving brown failure, a horde of idiocy and, at best, barely concealed hatred for White civilization.

We bee gettin' are larn on.

"Our student body is among the most diverse in the state," said Paducah Public Schools Assistant Superintendent William Black.

We've got both tar-black negroes and dark brown la-teen-ohs. Plenty of black hair and brown eyes too! They all listen to (c)rap, can't read or do basic math and want hand-outs. Diversity!

"We want our students to see teachers and staff members from backgrounds and ethnicities similar to theirs," he said. 

"Dis hoe done look lack mee" is now officially more important than passion for the job, desire to make a positive difference or even basic competence. Having flesh the same color as a bowel movement is the most important and possibly only hiring consideration.

Black says for the past 20 years the district has been trying to make schools' staff and administration more diverse, but it's still not where it wants to be.  

"We been trying to get ridda of da crakas for awhile, I ain't no thought crim-nal."

Negro "teacher" uses belt to subdue the "diversity" in the modern version of "To Sir, With Love."

Even after years of work by the district, only 12 percent of faculty members are from minority groups.

Too many Whites, the biggest problem in education. So much for judging the "content of our character." You must fail the paper bag test to teach here, this is a healthy democracy.

"Psychologically and socially we identify more closely with authority figures who look like people in their home environment," said Lee Emmons, the Director of Child Watch.

Sure is strange how everyone wants to be with their own people. Careful there Sigmund Fraud, you're right on the cusp of Crime Thought.

"It could increase their comfort level and can increase the level of understanding of cultural norms," Emmons said.

An all-White nation is, of course, "races" and evil so don't go getting any crazy ideas. Also, I thought forcing everyone to mix together was a mighty strength. Suddenly, it isn't. But we must have "diversity." And homogeneous negro classrooms for the comfort. But not for Whites, never for Whites. There's so much doublethink in this article it's almost unbelievable.

"It's important to us that our staff reflects the diversity of our student body," Black said.

Let us all share in the sacraments of our State Religion and read the words of the benevolent jew pulling the wires. Sending your White children to a public school is child abuse.

Black says recruitment efforts are important, because the percentage of teachers with diverse backgrounds in the state is low.

You aren't "diverse," Whitey. We want you dead. Please keep paying taxes.

And gladly would he learn and gladly teach.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Omaha Diversity: Whites Battered in "Fight"

The negro is a failed race that is unable to live in a civilized nation and unable to build one left to its own devices. Only an idiot, a careerist with a lot to lose or a marxist true-believer would disagree with such a self-evident statement. The low intelligence, the poor impulse control, the total and complete inability to connect current actions to future outcomes and the general demonic ugliness and childish lack of understanding of these genetic aliens dooms them to a life of superstition, idiocy and violence. Stir in their hatred of their White benefactors, birthed by mindless jealousy and nurtured by jewish propaganda and we're living next to a evolutionary dead-end that wants us violently dead. As the constraints on their behavior are removed (Arresting them is "races!") the situation worsens and the War on Whites silently rages from coast-to-coast.

A brutal beating video has gone viral and now Omaha Police are investigating who's behind the chaos.

Viral is right, a walking tar-colored virus targeting whatever healthy cells remain in the U.S.S.A. We need a lot more African sewage in Nebraska, it's the right thing to do. I wish you lots of luck with your "no arrests were made" investigation, 90 I.Q. officers. Please examine the identical looking and behaving brown blobs in the high quality footage, scanning for the unique and special individual traits, like a love of (c)rap "music" or a desire to inflict violence on the nearest convenient "creepy azz craka."

The U.S.S.A. as an impressionist painting.

The video shows dozens of people involved in a knock-down, drag-out fight at the Southside Terrace housing complex 28th and R in South Omaha. The complex is a public, low-income housing property.

Here's your reward for funding the negro housing, Whitey. A "fight" where African monsters swarmed White victims, the same "random incident" that seems to happen every day, more fodder for the memory hole.

In the video, a woman is pulled to the ground, kicked in the face and stomach, repeatedly punched, and her attackers pull her hair. Later in the video several men are also attacked.

The content of their character. Keep appeasing these worthless shit-colored animals, they're bound to get their act together and stop trying to kill us any day now. The next pathetic round of groveling just might be the one that finally miracles away genetic determinism.

WOWT 6 News spoke with Afiya Madut, a Southside Terrace resident who said fights aren't uncommon at the property.

Yeah, I would imagine. Attempted murder by a brown horde is now a "fight." Please update your Right Think speech accordingly. Hey, remember that "fight" at the Iowa state fair? 

Another forgotten victim of our national madness.

She said she was outside when this latest fight broke out and saw the entire ordeal. She said: "It was crazy. People ran up. They were coming from everywhere. They don't care if you're a woman or a man or a kid. They were trying to hit kids, too.

A negress displays depraved indifference to the mob violence, big surprise. "It bee cray-zee an sheet. Dey be comin' out da wahs. Dem niggas don cah who dey hit, long as it bee wite."

Officer Michael Pecha told WOWT 6 News: "The more people that are involved, the quicker and the easier it is for these situations to get out of hand because emotions are running high"

Let's pretend the savages have White thought processes. Now attempts to "get dat milk" are merely "situations" that "got out of hand." Let's euphemism away the predictable negro failure. Hey, did you hear there was Africa Ball on the talmudvision? Look at that boy run! We need a lot more of this in middle America so they can score "tugs" and compose rap symphonies. 

OHA employs both current and former law enforcement officers to patrol their properties. However, OHA officials told WOWT 6 News they aren't sure if those officers were on-duty at the time of the fight.

No arrests, no leads, no one saw anything, random incident, must have been emotions running high, twelve round fight with Duchess of Queensberry rules rigorously enforced, good kids, senseless violence gone wrong, life u-turn, everything fine, go back to sleep.

 Nebraska Whites celebrate their own destruction.

Monday, September 21, 2015

"Anti-Semitism" Discovered at Communist Indoctrination Center

The jew is the eternal victim, even as it presses its kosher heel into the neck of the West. They've been constantly persecuted without any cause, just ask them. Despite carrying a carpet-bag full of goodness and dispensing the wonderful magic of money, g*d's chosen are under constant assault from the cattle and unclean meat. Granted, these days one has to look long and hard to find uppity shkotzim, but they're out there. Take, for example, a "college" that failed to properly recognize the special and unique sufferink of the light of the world, even ignoring it in favor of schwoogies and other talmud-promised slaves. Fortunately, the humble, meek and nearly powerless jew was somehow able to correct this massive injustice.

The decision on Friday came after Jewish representatives issues scathing denunciations of a proposed list of Principles Against Intolerance that did not directly mention anti-Semitism.

Competing victim groups, united only by their hatred of normal White America, fail to mention the endless attacks on jews, how the goyim keep hurting their fists with their faces. Don't forget Grandma being melted like a candle eight times in a nawrtzee gas oven and then put through the skull-crushing machine. The chosen belong on your "we bee pressed an sheet" list, right at the top. Anything less is "anti-semitism."

The governing body of the University of California voted to establish a committee to evaluate campus anti-Semitism following an intense lobbying campaign by Jewish organizations.

Another holocaust is narrowly averted by the feeble political power of a group that is hated for no reason. Somehow they keep getting their way. Meanwhile there are no "White organizations" to deal with the structural discrimination we face on a daily basis, but we're just gentiles and therefore not worth a single jew fingernail. 

Powerless and innocent.

More than 30 organizations, including Jewish fraternity AEPI, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Zionist Organization of America wrote to University of California regent Bruce D. Varner in July, requesting that substantive measures be taken to combat rising anti-Semitism on affiliated campuses. 

Wishing to keep his sinecure the useful idiot at the communist indoctrination center promptly issued an unconditional surrender to the wandering merchant. 

Among the various incidents recalled by the complainants were one in which “Zionists should be sent to the gas chamber” was found written on a bathroom wall at UC Berkeley, one in which a Jew applying for a student union position found her suitability questioned on the basis of her religion, and the discovery of swastikas painted on a Jewish fraternity house at UC Davis.

Originally expected to address the dramatic rise in anti-Semitism at UC, the UC office of the president instead released a proposed Principles Against Intolerance statement last week that didn’t even mention anti-Semitism and was a shocking disappointment.

If the highly dubious "hate crimes" didn't convince you there was a problem we'll just start wailing about muh six million.

“What is happening at UC to Jewish students is ugly and frightening and it’s only getting worse,” AMCHA’s Tammi Rossman-Benjamin told the regents.

There's a slim possibility that Thought Crime might be occurring among the student loan debt victims. Speaking of which, don't forget to keep paying for this nonsense, cattle.

"For years, Jewish students have been subjected to anti-Semitism. For years, we have been forced to wear the badges of our politicized identities."

Oy, forced to wear special badges! Chimney, gas, six million, showers, grandma, trains, barbed wire, Dr. Mengele, inherent evil of all Whites, etc.

"For years, we have suffered in silence."

LOL. The stoic and long-suffering jew, enduring the pogroms in heroic silence.

“It was clear that their voices were heard because every single regent who spoke afterward expressed outrage at the notion that a generalized ‘statement against intolerance’ would be enough to address the toxic climate that has developed on UC campuses,” the campus activist group StandWithUs said Sunday.

It's almost like they have power wildly disproportionate to their numbers, power used for their own enrichment and to punish and humiliate their hosts, but that must be your "anti-semitic" imagination.

The silent suffering.

Friday, September 18, 2015

I'd Expect More from the NAACP President

Let's take a well-earned break from discussing the coming jew-led demographic annihilation of White countries to examine what passes for comic relief in today's dying clown world. It's a story of "driving while black" and "Ah's got da raht!" with maybe a little "races" police sprinkled on top. A negress gets stopped by the "five-oh," has a relatively mild chimp-out and gets arrested because of "racism." This is today's U.S.S.A., a nation where all animals are equal but some much more so, where laws are rapidly becoming an optional inconvenience for the precious coal-colored rot.

The president of the local NAACP branch was arrested for obstruction after the Kenosha Police Department said she told an officer she didn’t deserve a ticket for driving nearly 20 mph over the legal limit on a city street.

A worthless negro hauling ass on a city street, you have to wonder why considering her sinecure doesn't exactly have deadlines, add any value to society or have any reason to exist whatsoever. In a nation where an unkind glance at a negro can destroy a White person's life we need this hyphen-American con game. This turd is paid by the jew to sow discord and encourage violence against Whites. If that wasn't enough, this jungle creature has a bad case of the lead foot. Still, must be "racism," because we all know the "African American" is just a deep-fried White person that's always turning the life around.

Veronica King, 52, of Kenosha, was instructed eight times to get back into her van after a traffic stop in the 4900 block of 52nd Street about 3 p.m. Sunday, according to police. 

The jew myth: "races" White po-po gunning down innocent gentle giants and future college student good boys for no reason whatsoever. The reality: long-suffering officers politely asking a blob of genetic garbage to please get back in the vehicle for the eighth time while it hoots, ooks and eeks.

This criminal animal gets paid to hate White people.

A motorcycle patrol officer clocked her vehicle on radar traveling 44 mph in a 25 mph zone in the 5200 block of 52nd Street.

We can add "radar guns" to the list of things that are "races." Fast and the Furious Part 27: Assignment NAACP.

According to the police report, King told the officer she hasn’t been issued a ticket in over five years and deserved a warning.

Wow, five whole years. Talk about the model minority. Let it use sleepy residential streets as a drag strip, that's just the vibrancy of the "African American" experience.

When she was informed she would be receiving a citation, instead of a warning, she became uncooperative.

Professional victim sheds whatever debatable humanity it might have had to revert to the natural animal state of the genetic alien in our midst. They don't belong in White nations.

I ain payin' no wack tick-et.

“I’d expect more from the NAACP president,” Kenosha Police Lt. Brad Hetlet said. “This is someone who should be setting an example for the community.”

No, this is about the behavior I'd anticipate. It's a jew-created group dedicated to pushing cultural marxism and White Genocide, not cleaning up the considerable pathology of the negro.

Police said King exited the vehicle and stood in the road, stopping traffic in the process, and told the officer, “I’m no threat to you. I don’t have to listen to you.”

Standing in the middle of roads, yet another example of the rich and soulful "Afro-American" experience. "Laws bee fo' wite suckas, I finnin to wahh up da sinner oh dis sweet."

After ignoring numerous requests to return to her vehicle, King was arrested for obstruction.

Yeah. Make sure this living dog shit can breathe. More brutality and "racism," let's get a jew lawyer on this case.

“If she’d simply followed the officer’s orders, which were for her own safety and the safety of others, she’d been issued a speeding ticket and released,” Hetlet said.

We've heard this song before. If the negro would simply think logically and have a little future time orientation it might start behaving itself. If only.

“If you’re told to get back in the car, it’s for a reason. If you’re asked to show your hands, it’s for a reason. When you’re stopped by police, obey orders and follow simple instructions so situations like this don’t escalate.”

And we all know what that reason is, right? Yes, that's correct. "Racism."

King told officers they injured her wrist and shoulder during the arrest and said she couldn’t sit in her vehicle because she has arthritis in her hip, according to the police report.

Time to get the negro lottery going. A living fossil that was pretending to be the first NASCAR negro moments earlier is now suddenly a fragile porcelain doll. I can't sit in my vehicle because of this bad hip. I was sitting in it earlier, driving at insane speeds. Logic trap. Then, of course, the severe injuries inflicted by this modern day lynching. Don't worry White tax payer, you'll get the bill for this nuisance lawsuit. 

The incident was reportedly videotaped and witnessed by a nearby resident.

Hopefully this will prevent the usual negro nonsense, but these days you never know.

In addition to a speeding ticket, King received a $250 citation for obstructing police. She was taken into custody and released at the scene.

Wow, they sure landed on her like a ton of bricks.

The jew behind the con game.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Identifying the Criminal Statements

We all agree that White Genocide is the "right thing to do" (tm, U, all rights reserved, K) but for some reason the average White person isn't getting with the program, at least in the relative safety of an anonymous poll. Granted, in the real world the face, thought and speech crime can be vigorously enforced to insure right-think, but Big jew doesn't want simple obedience, it wants to take your soul before it kills your body. The jew wants you to say "Thank you!" as it pulls the trigger. To this end, it's time to deploy a massive censorship campaign against German thought criminals, led by, wouldn't you just know it, the light of the world.

According to Vice Chancellor Sigmar approximately 1 million migrants will arrive in Germany this year alone and Chancellor Merkel says there is no limit to how many they will take in.  

Yes, you read that correctly goyim. No limit. We'll take the entire population of Sudan, all the middle eastern "babies," and any and all brown foreign invaders who are able to break the plane of our border with any part of their body. We'll pretend that the obvious consequences of this national suicide are impossible to predict, that this will be the one time the moe-ham-head-dan behaves itself, even as they pelt their benefactors with the food they were given by White do-gooders. 

Politically incorrect Germans who voice their skepticism can look forward to censorship – at least on Facebook.

Surprisingly jewbook is not exactly a bastion of free expression. It exists to mine data, not for you to express illegal thoughts.

Here comes the "diversity."

Minister of Justice, Heiko Maas, has had quiet enough of the uppity Germans who have the gall to criticize the ongoing population replacement so last week he sent an open letter to Facebook demanding that the social-media company commence systematically erasing “xenophobic” material.

Censor the words opposing our insane and evil campaign against our own people. Wanting to see your nation preserved is "xenophobia," yet another made-up phobia for our modern age. It's fine if Israel does it, of course, but you're cattle and not worth a jewish fingernail so shut up and die.

“The goal is to ease identification of criminal statements” – says Heiko Maas to Bild.

Yes, criminal. You don't like the mudslime invasion? How about five to ten in a gulag? East Germany is back and better than ever!

The task force’s members are appointed by the government and Facebook, but the the left-wing organization Network against Nazis (“Netz gegen Nazis”) will also be represented.

A "nazi" is anyone who has ever disagreed with the jew on any subject.

This logo sure looks familiar...

Fight the "nazis!"

The network was founded in the year 2007 by the Antonio Amadeu Trust, led by the Jewish-German left-wing activist Anette Kahne who, during the years 1974-82, worked as a secret agent for the East German Security Service known as Stasi.

Every. Single. Time. Please ignore the jew communist criminal behind the curtain, Whites. Go back to your booze and porn, your sports and careerism. Pay those taxes. Everything is fine. We're only taking in a million cultural, religious, racial and spiritual outsiders this year, it's nothing to worry about. Did you hear about how little Omar or whatever in the U.S.S.A. invented the clock but was attacked by White "racism?" Talk about that and football scores, okay? 

Today Anette Kahane works as a professional anti-racist and last year proclaimed in an interview with RT that European countries must open their borders and adapt completely to immigrants from the third world.

Typical jew behavior. This parasite gets paid to be a professional anti-White. It gets money to advocate for Europe's destruction. It wants you dead.

 Trust me, I'm a jew communist secret police veteran who hates all Whites.

"They are not anymore only white or only Swedish or only Portuguese or only German. They are multicultural places in the world.”

White countries for everyone. Europe must become a dumping ground for the dark monster, if a jew says it we know it must be true.

That an ex-Stasi informant will be tasked with monitoring and censoring Facebook has been criticized by the site PI NEWS.

The jew's job hasn't change at all, not even a little. Report the thought crime. Silence the shkotzim. So persecuted, the loving and wonderful merchant that wanders across borders spreading goodness and light.

“25 years after German re-unification former East German citizens will, together with their West German brothers and sisters, be monitored by old Stasi cadres.”

Meet the new jewish boss, same as the old jewish boss.

The original "Facebook."

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Jihadan Hordes Attack Hungary

We have a massive responsibility to the dangerous animals unleashed from failed nations, to the walking sewage that floods White nations. We must allow them to rape and kill, it's the right thing to do. Every world religion preaches that we must love the violent foreign alien (well, except judaism...and islam...and hinduism...ok, it's only JUDEO-christians but let's pretend that's not the case). Think of the vibrancy and enrichment: foul smelling ethnic food made by foul smelling ethnics, mosques on every corner delivering a strident call to prayer, rape gangs, honor killings, racially motivated stabbings in broad daylight, burning cars and no-go zones. You'd be a fool not to want this. Besides, here's some dead kid on a beach. Let's get lots of pictures of this pile of fertilizer, this is valid evidence for the righteousness of White Genocide.

In Hungary, one of the more sane European nations, the final assault has begun, hordes of "babies" attacking a poorly defended border, The "Children's" Crusade. Half-measures are deployed to hold back the barbaric horde and these "humane" solutions are about as effective as you would expect. What will it be Hungary? Stand up and defend your nation and heritage or join Germanistan, El-France, Swedenistan, The United Kaliphate and all the rest on history's ash heap?

Hungarian police have opened fire with tear gas against 1500 rioting migrants who are attempting to break through the country’s border fence.

Facing an existential threat that hasn't been seen since the Mongols swept into Eastern Europe their response is just slightly less feckless than Germany's "Please be patient, all of you will be assigned White women to sexually assault by the end of the week" surrender. Are there no working guns in Hungary?

Migrants have been chanting “Allah hu Akbar” while pelting police officers with missiles including “really big rocks”, bottles, and even food, leading to the crack down.

Here's some food moe-ham-head. I'm doing this to prove I'm open-minded, progressive and certainly not "races." Come on in and loot my country. Ow, stop throwing the hand-outs at me!

Mostly women and children fleeing political unrest.

The Hungarian crack down followed the suspension of the Schengen free movement area by Germany and Austria this weekend. It became clear to German authorities that a significant number of the migrants they were processing were not in fact refugees from Syria.

Huh, imagine that. Next we'll notice that the crying babies are actually adult males eager to abuse our generosity and victimize our women. No hurry Germanistan, what's another million human locusts?

Reuters reports that Serbia says it has been informed by Hungary that the Roszke-Horgos border crossing will be closed for the next 30 days, and that Hungarian humvees with mounted guns are moving towards the Serbia border. 

This would have been nice years ago, but I guess we'll take it now. 

There are reports that some migrants have managed to break through the border fence, and Hungarian police have begun to use the water cannon to deter the rioting migrants, dozens of whom are climbing onto local buildings, hurling rocks at the border police, while others find more ammunition and keep a constantly supply going.

Humble refugees, poor victims of this veil of tears arriving with hat in hand, politely asking for a temporary shelter from the storms of this world. Whites countries are for everyone, trying to preserve your culture, heritage and religion is only acceptable if you're Israel. 

This gentle mist should prevent foreign invasion.

One Sky News correspondent reluctantly reported this afternoon that most of the migrants, “about 70 per cent” were men. “There are families too,” he hastily added.

"Er, I mean, lots of babies. Babies everywhere. Please don't destroy my dinosaur media career." 

According to the Hungarian press, migrants have been chanting, “Open! Open!” as well as “Allah Hu Akbar” as helicopters circle overhead. According to Sky News, the migrants had a “ringleader” with them with a megaphone who was egging the migrants on, shouting demands at the Hungarian police.

Foreign conquerors deliver their "demands" to a Europe too afraid to protect itself. More water follies or time to dust off those machine guns, choose carefully.

Today's wacky and sloppy challenge involves a border fence and the fire hose!

“The police stopped the crowd, who threw plastic water bottles at them. There were no reports of injuries. Several people were seen with tears in their eyes from the gas.

Look at the islamic "baby" shed honest tears, his erection temporarily lost. This is a humanitarian tragedy.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has made it clear that he doesn’t intend for his country to be used by the migrants to cross further into Europe. He has previously commented upon the threat the migrants pose to Western civilisation.

With all due respect Mr. Orban, it's time to put your money where you mouth is. 

Europe becomes a fun water park for the alien invader.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Refugee "Salary" in Denmark Deemed Insufficient

I'll be completely honest with you, I'm really sick of talking about this. On the other hand, how can it be ignored? Europe is dying, committing pathetic suicide in the name of a horrifically misguided do-gooder instinct. First the White birth rates were devastated by jewish spiritual poison and then the amazing merchant was right there with the solution to the problem it caused: massive non-White invasion and the final death knell of White Europe. The level of appeasement and surrender that followed is nothing short of sickening. Welcome the followers of turd eater. Give them hand-outs and ignore their pathology for fear of being called names. Then the predictable disaster, the genocide of Whites in our own homelands. It's the right thing to do.

In a report by Denmark’s TV2 News, migrants told a local journalist that they do not want to stay in Denmark, but are choosing instead to head to Sweden to register for asylum.

An invading army considers its next offensive. Where better than hapless Swedenistan, the gold standard for dhimmitude, collapse and dispossession. Isn't "multi-cultural mode" a wonderful thing? The invader still has so many choices, the walking necrosis decides to devour the eyes instead of the nose or tongue.

Speaking conversational English, one migrant told the reporter “We want Sweden.” 

Conversational English, natural Europeans, just Whites with a sun tan, head deformities and a brutal desert cult superstition. "Want that Sweden. Get money from gelded suckers, rape kafir women. Refugee con game is good for my victims."

We want Sweden.

When she puts it to him that Sweden is 500km (310miles), he smiles and replies: “No problem. We walked from Syria to here [with] no problem.”

Wake. The. Fuck. Up. Europe.

Marwen el Mohammed, another asylum seeker in Denmark told the reporter that there were two reasons the men did not want to seek asylum in Denmark, a peaceful country. “The first one: the salary for refugees decreased about 50 per cent from 10,000 kroner to about 5,000,” he said.

Insufficient gibs me dats for the conquering hordes. Why settle for a nation that's weak and dying when one that's completely ruined and long dead is just a boat ride away? After all, the mudslime deserves its "salary" for doing valuable work like creating sharia no-go zones and forming rape gangs. Keep paying your taxes, Swedish eunuchs, it's going for the best possible causes.

Time to earn our salary.

The second is that Finland and other neighbouring countries allow the migrants to bring their families to join them within two to three months, whereas Denmark makes them wait for a year and a half before they bring their families over. “This is a long time to have left our family behind,” he said.

White countries for everyone. Bring the entire family, we'll make sure the biological weapons arrive safely. No drowned "babies" this time, we promise. Look at us dying, jew. Aren't you happy now? We're not "races."

In the face of hundreds of thousands of migrants entering Europe to claim asylum, the Danish government last week tightened immigration rules.

The proud stand of the heroic Danes. 5000 kroner and not a penny more! One full year before you bring in your thirty "children." It's a tough stand, I hope it isn't "xenophobic." 

Consequently, just 626 people, half of whom were from Syria, applied for asylum in Denmark in January, down from 3,150 in September 2014, according to The Local.

We'll die of a thousand cuts instead of sucking the immigration shotgun like Germanistan, El-France, The United Kaliphate, Swedenistan, etc.

Meanwhile Sweden, who in 2013 became the first European country to grant automatic residency to Syrian refugees, has seen record numbers of asylum requests.

Yeah. Imagine that.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Good News Monday: 34 Invaders Drown

What do you do when a foreign army invades your nation? If you're Germanistan, or El-France, or the U.S.S.A. or almost every other White country, you make every possible accommodation for the enemy forces. Give them hand-outs, turn a blind eye on their rape gangs, settle them in the Whitest available areas. We all know that every human being is exactly the same and that a nation is just a name and certainly not shared values, vision, culture, religion and behavior. It therefore stands to reason that a massive flood of foreign mud is a Good Thing (tm, U) especially when Whites aren't having children for some reason. Attacks from without and within, the final jewish destruction of Europe accelerates at an unbelievable pace.

Is anyone fighting back? The answer, mostly, appears to be "no" so it's up to the sea itself to show its displeasure by turning floating dog shit into sinking whale shit. We can take some cold comfort in knowing a token number of invaders will perform the blue bloat in Poseidon's Kingdom, even as they infiltrate and destroy the West. The followers of turd eater gulping down sea water, no allah to save them, the only good news we ever get these days.

Thirty-four refugees, almost half of them babies and children, drowned when their boat sank off a Greek island on Sunday, almost certainly the largest death toll in those waters since the migrant crisis began, the coastguard said.

Facing seven figures worth of "enrichment" today's story of synchronized moe-ham-head-dan swimming couldn't be more meaningless, but at least there's a handful of human garbage that won't be preying on White women six months from now. Naturally, there's jew hay to be made from this non-tragedy. They were mostly "babies" much in the same way fully mature negro criminals abruptly return to infancy after they're "limited."

Funny how every picture of "refugees" I've ever seen is nothing but adult males foaming at the mouth over the prospect of free money and non-consensual sexual intercourse. The "babies" were probably in the background somewhere, the jew wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.

 "Children" in danger! Shame on you, White Europeans!

Tens of thousands of mainly Syrian refugees have braved rough seas this year to make the short but precarious journey from Turkey to Greece's eastern islands, mainly in flimsy and overcrowded inflatable dinghies.

Wow, what noble and heroic exemplars of our common humanity these identical-looking and behaving biological weapons truly are. So brave, making that short float from islamic countries that are smart enough to want them gone to European countries that aren't. Cry for the dead human sewage, just like you'd shed big greasy tears for the bomb that failed to detonate.

Thousands have died, many of them taking the much longer crossing from Libya, in Europe's worst migrant crisis in decades.

Somehow this foreign pathology is our problem. White countries are for everyone, come on in and start destroying, moe-ham-head.

Your shipment of fail has arrived.

Details of the nationalities and ages of the victims of Sunday's sinking off Farmakonisi were not immediately available.

But there were lots of "children," we know that for sure.

The coastguard said 68 people were rescued from the water and another 30 survivors from the same boat were found on Farmakonisi.

Suicidal altruism, the fatal weakness of so many Whites.

The vast majority of refugees reaching Greece quickly head north to other countries, with Germany the most favored destination.

Please ignore this demographic disaster unfolding in real time.

EU states have so far failed to reach agreement over proposals by Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker to accept a mandatory quota system for accepting refugees.

Here's a suggested mandatory quota number: 0.

Full Story.

Meet your new neighbors.