Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Year in Review

Another year is done, a year of endless kosher assaults on White interests, a year of the appallingly horrible content of their character, a year of unarmed invasion by "women and children" and, incredibly, a year offering us optimism for the future. The war against White genocide, globalism, zionism, new world order and the death of the West is finally being joined and even at this late hour it may still be possible to hold back the tides of darkness. Difficult times are coming, but in them lies the opportunity to reclaim what was lost, something never available during the years of apathetic materialism and clutching at the delusion that things would fix themselves on their own. Let there be trouble in my time, so my White children can know peace.

The following twelve stories are representative of the last 365 days and are worth another look.

Negress Rapper to Use Witchcraft Against Whites

While the dark simian was pounding a drum to try to conjure a demon, we were discovering God's design for the natural world. While the negro was enslaving its fellow animal and selling it to jew slavers Whites were exploring the world and building nations out of untamed wilderness. While the negro wallowed in a sewer of its own creation, we walked on the Moon. There's no goofy voodoo when it comes to being White, only the manifest truth of our superiority.

The Stubborn Achievement Gap

"The lowered standards seem to be helping, but reality is so stubborn. Make it go away, it hurts my feelings."

The Wrong Stuff: Air Force Chases "Diversity"

Exciting new ideas like "Me flyee dee plane, I theeenk," "Killing chill-ren wit deez drones be dope, yo" and "Dykes in Kites" are sure to fix the problem of too much White male competency.  


Suffice it to say, the "Great Uniter" proved anything but. Our "yella" president encouraged violence against Whites, supported negro criminals, talked in a goofy Taco Bell dog accent while pandering to la-teen-ohs and generally behaved like a tribal chieftain. We had committed national suicide in the name of good feelings and misplaced altruism.  

Negro Privilege

We support a failed race, give them special rights and endless "cash money" gibs me dats and there is no discernible improvement in their predictable behavior. The time for a half-slave (White tax payers) and half-free (negro tax suckers) country must end. We need our own White nation where the burden of this failed race and the jew that unleashed them can be removed. We need a White homeland.  

Remembering Pat Mahaney

He didn't dream of hundreds of gentile slaves, he didn't expect hand-outs or appeasement because of crimes committed against his long-dead ancestors by other long-dead people, he didn't expect gifts and rewards for breaking the law. He worked in a factory, but lost his job so a few rich bastards could become slightly richer. He was looking for work. He ran into a pack of negroes

Cuckservative, Inc.

There is one man I have to warn you about: Donald Trump. He's bad. He's a clown and a jackass. A dumb-dumb. Sorry to use that street language, but I really think he's trouble. Way too extreme with those views and also offering gold-plated amnesty! We just don't need this divisive rhetoric on the eve of our greatest victory. To prove I'm right I'm challenging the Don to a push-up contest!  

The Jew Funding the Zoo

The jew. The tiny minority that has us surrounded on all sides, the demonic evil that tirelessly works behind the scenes to fund the rot. The traveling merchant with no home or loyalty to anything but its tribe, the parasite that attaches itself to healthy nations, the coward that fights its War on Whites with money, the talmudvision and dark monsters.

"Gun Selfie" Ends Negro

Better test that theory by pointing it at my throat and pulling the trigger.

Africa Ball Fans are Cuckolds  

Ostensibly awake Whites excited about the SEC (Systematically Excluding Caucasians) or the Negro Felon League, starring glassy eyed into the talmudvision, rooting for the missing link between ape and man to score the big "tug."

They Died for Nothing  

He fought for nothing, his legacy can be seen in the federal reserve chosen, the perverted freaks attacking the shrinking number of normal Americans, the burning cities and rioting negro scum, the foreign invasion that we won't lift a finger to stop and it would be wrong anyway. Now to fade away, forgotten and hated as a symbol of old "races" America, a man who gave his life to the disastrous jewish century and is now tossed aside. Goodbye and thanks for the decades of communism.

The Actual Enemy

Just think of it goy, you'll be able to proudly tell your brown adopted grandchildren that you stood up at a historical moment and supported the destruction of your homeland and your own dispossession and annihilation. Won't you swell with pride as whatever hatched from the alien cuckoo eggs looks at you with sullen resentment because you're White and as such need to die? 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2000 "Teens" Put Mall on Tilt

The negro should be able to clear the unbelievably low bar of acceptable behavior in a dead nation any day now, we just need to keep paying, groveling, making excuses, reducing the number of Whites in everything, lying, ignoring reality, bleeding and dying. The genetic alien is getting better, honest, if you're prepared to turn a blind eye on the occasional two thousand negro content of character display and why wouldn't you be? You want to keep that materialism going, right? Sure, they're violent animals that see every kindness as a weakness, but on the other hand there's Africa Ball on the talmudvision and jewish porn on the computer. Everything's fine.

The Mall St. Matthews reopened Sunday with extra security after it closed early Saturday night following ‘multiple disturbances’, according to police. 

If you live in the U.S.S.A. you've probably grown accustomed to the "disturbances" that occur with clockwork regularity among the members of a failed race full of foreign genetic material and no future time orientation.

More than 50 officers from four different agencies worked to defuse thousands of young people who they say wreaked havoc on the mall.

Those crazy "young people" and their wacky pranks. You were young once and participated in massive and senseless bongo parties too, right? Boys will be boys, random incident, no arrests, keep staring into the jew cube.

"We need more units over here by the Cinemark – help, we need help. It’s just us and three take down officers, we need people over here,” an officer said via dispatch.

A glimpse of the coming collapse if our enemies have their way. A handful of Whites alone against a mindless and savage brown horde. We need people over here. White people Not animals, not g*d's favorites, not la-teen-oh sludge.

We need help.

Officer Dennis McDonald with St. Matthews Police said there were up to 2,000 unsupervised teens at the mall and most who were there to shop, eat and attend the movies.

Let's avoid discussing the racial component of this ridiculous major malfunction. I'm sure it's fooling a lot of people.

Officers reported numerous fights, kids running through the mall and through stores. The Mall St. Matthews began closing their doors around 8:45 p.m. and police had the situation under control around 9:30 p.m.

I bet more education spending and jailing Whites for speech crime would solve this.

There were no arrests but say minor injuries were reported after people fell while running from the chaos.

No arrests were made. Hundreds of negroes going ape and there's not even a single new pair of brown paws on bar-holding detail. The rule of law vanishes, the chaotic law of the jungle replaces it.

Our healthy multicultural salad plate.

In response to people frustrated that there were no arrests or citations, McDonald reiterates that all their efforts were focused on restoring the peace and preventing innocents people and officer injuries.

90 I.Q. police protect themselves and the friendly merchant's valuable merchandise. Don't expect any help. You need to be armed.

Had they witnessed people committing felonies or brandishing a weapon they may have acted differently but they chose to "pick their battles" focusing their resources on restoring and deescalating. 

Selective enforcement of laws based on convenience and fear of being labeled "races." This is the exciting new frontier of law enforcement, along with lowered standards and massive, appalling corruption.

"Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor," McDonald said. 

Sometimes cowardice is a lot easier than making a stand. Actually, it always is. Oh well, here's your salary from the tax payer. Great job Officer Shithead.

Police said Saturday they believe social media played a role in some of the incidents but are investigating further.

Yeah. That and a 70 I.Q., reduced frontal lobes, mystery DNA belonging to some long dead primitive hominid, poor impulse control, etc. But please, blame that blue bird or whatever.

Full Story.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Jew Wants More Holohoax Memorials in U.S.S.A.

Like their father the devil the jew is not known for its creativity or forward thinking, instead presenting the same banal evils over and over to the shkotzim, maybe slapping on a fresh coat of paint here and there because it is the Current Year, after all. We get the same money voodoo, the same spiritual evil disguised as "freedoms" and "civil rights," the same endless wailing over imaginary crimes. Don't forget the "holocaust," goy. Countless billions up a chimney, a little chosenite girl and her magic pen, nawrtzees full of blind hate for good and innocent people, this should keep you distracted from the disastrous jewish century and the current mess. With the cattle starting to get a little uppity, even contemplating that they might have their own racial interests, the time has arrived for more semitic fantasy.

Fewer and fewer survivors are left to tell the story. Now the children and grandchildren who heard their accounts directly from them must leave a permanent memorial, not simply for the survivors themselves or even for those alive today but for the generations that follow us.

My spellcheck doesn't think Holodomor is an actual word, the Armenian massacre is the answer to a trivia question, the millions killed by jew communism are at best mentioned in passing as an unfortunate side-effect of good intentions. The holohoax, an event you can't go a day without hearing about in most formerly White nations, is in danger of being forgotten. We need more memorials to those put into bone-crushing machines, made into soap and lamps and burned up in gas ovens, producing smoke color-coded to their nationality. Get out that checkbook, unclean meat.

Florida, with the largest number of Holocaust survivors, must join, and even lead, other states and enact the legislation needed to authorize a monument on our Capitol grounds to remind generations to come of the horrors inflicted on millions of European Jews by a brutal, bigoted dictator of the Nazi party.

I wonder how many "extermination camps" were in Florida. A few dozen, probably. Oy, the bigoted dictator! Put up more ugly blocks of cement, shkotzim! It's the least you can do you worthless hell-bound cattle, what with all your "bigotry." 

Across the country, and particularly in our state capitol buildings, we need memorials and monuments to the Holocaust (known in Hebrew as Shoah).

You, known in hebrew as goyim, will be expected to pay for these monuments to the jewish conquest of your dead nation.

Several statehouses, including those in South Carolina, Ohio and Iowa, already have memorials to honor those who perished during this horrific period in world history.

Don't forget the giant menorah in front of our Black House.

The Holocaust lasted from 1933 to 1945. It progressed slowly, with discrimination creeping across Europe. Next came persecution and the separation of Jews from their communities.

Oy, the creeping discrimination! Good thing that same part of Europe is currently being flooded with moe-ham-heads under our direction.

Nazis stripped people of their possessions, their families and their liberties.

Muh possessions! Some were even forced to do demeaning physical labor. The precious six million pounds of flesh lost to vile "racists" who attacked for absolutely no reason.

In 1941, 11 million Jews lived in Europe. But by May 1945, the Nazis had murdered 6 million of them, including 1.5 million children.

I'd mention the 1945 population number but you slaves might start asking some uncomfortable questions.

Most of my relatives, including my grandparents, either were imprisoned in concentration camps or killed, so I know firsthand how the Holocaust affected — and continues to affect — families.

We've now reached the "entire family up a chimney" portion of this nonsense.

I teach the lessons of the Holocaust to my children and grandchildren, just as my father and cousins taught them to me.

"Always bring up the holocaust to guilt the gentiles into giving you what you want."

My aunt and her two young sons suffered in a total of four different camps and tell of the murder and brutal treatment of thousands of victims.

For whatever reason the Aryan Devils were extremely workshy about getting these three, incapable of contributing any of that labor that makes you free, onto the electric belts. Noticing that sort of contradiction could get you jailed in most European countries.

Every week, thousands of students visit our state Capitol, making it the ideal location to place a memorial that would remind them of this important time in world history. It would teach them about the evils of discrimination.

Today's lesson: Your inherent evil. 

A monument would inspire students to ask questions of their parents and teachers about the Holocaust.

One would hope. Questions like "Why does a gas chamber have glass windows and wooden doors?" and "How long does it take to cremate an adult body and how much gasoline is required?"

This should be a nonpartisan effort. Hopefully, there will be a unanimous vote on the legislation in both houses.

Groveling before the jewish enemy, the one issue all our elected criminals can agree on.

Full Story.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Dear White People

I have a weighty request. As you read this letter, I want you to listen with love, a sort of love that demands that you look at parts of yourself that might cause pain and terror, as James Baldwin would say. Did you hear that? You may have missed it. I repeat: I want you to listen with love. Well, at least try.

Much of our discourse these days is about revenge, name calling, hate, and divisiveness. I have yet to hear it from our presidential hopefuls, or our political pundits.

I don’t mean the Hollywood type of love, but the scary kind, the kind that risks not being reciprocated, the kind that refuses to flee in the face of danger. To make it a bit easier for you, I’ve decided to model, as best as I can, what I’m asking of you. Let me demonstrate the vulnerability that I wish you to show.

This letter is a gift for you. Bear in mind, though, that some gifts can be heavy to bear.  

I have read many of your comments. I have even received some hate mail. In this letter, I ask you to look deep, to look into your souls with silence, to quiet that voice that will speak to you of your white “innocence.”

Don’t tell me that you voted for Obama. Don’t tell me that you don’t see color. Don’t tell me that I’m blaming whites for everything. To do so is to hide yet again.

If you are white, and you are reading this letter, I ask that you don’t run to seek shelter from your own racism. Don’t hide from your responsibility. Rather, begin, right now, to practice being vulnerable.

I ask that you try to be “un-sutured.” If that term brings to mind a state of pain, open flesh, it is meant to do so. After all, it is painful to let go of your “white innocence,” to use this letter as a mirror, one that refuses to show you what you want to see, one that demands that you look at the lies that you tell yourself so that you don’t feel the weight of responsibility for those who live under the yoke of whiteness, your whiteness.

I am asking you to enter into battle with your white self. I’m asking that you open yourself up; to speak to, to admit to, the racist poison that is inside of you.

Don’t tell me about how many black friends you have. Don’t tell me that you are married to someone of color. Don’t tell me that you voted for Obama. Don’t tell me that I’m the racist. Don’t tell me that you don’t see color. Don’t tell me that I’m blaming whites for everything.

You may have never used the N-word in your life, you may hate the K.K.K., but that does not mean that you don’t harbor racism and benefit from racism. After all, you are part of a system that allows you to walk into stores where you are not followed, where you get to go for a bank loan and your skin does not count against you, where you don’t need to engage in “the talk” that black people and people of color must tell their children when they are confronted by white police officers.

I know that there are those who will write to me in the comment section with boiling anger, sarcasm, disbelief, denial. There are those who will say, “Yancy is just an angry black man.” There are others who will say, “Why isn’t Yancy telling black people to be honest about the violence in their own black neighborhoods?”

Or, “How can Yancy say that all white people are racists?” If you are saying these things, then you’ve already failed to listen. I come with a gift. You’re already rejecting the gift that I have to offer.

I assure you that so many black people suffering from poverty and joblessness, which is linked to high levels of crime, are painfully aware of the existential toll that they have had to face because they are black and, as Baldwin adds, “for no other reason.”

Some of your white brothers and sisters have made this leap. The legal scholar Stephanie M. Wildman, has written, “I simply believe that no matter how hard I work at not being racist, I still am. Because part of racism is systemic, I benefit from the privilege that I am struggling to see."

White America, are you prepared to be at war with yourself, your white identity, your white power, your white privilege?

I’m asking for love in return for a gift; in fact, I’m hoping that this gift might help you to see yourself in ways that you have not seen before. Of course, the history of white supremacy in America belies this gesture of black gift-giving, this gesture of non-sentimental love. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered even as he loved.

Perhaps the language of this letter will encourage a split — not a split between black and white, but a fissure in your understanding, a space for loving a Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Aiyana Jones, Sandra Bland, Laquan McDonald and others.

If you have young children, before you fall off to sleep tonight, I want you to hold your child. Touch your child’s face. Smell your child’s hair. Count the fingers on your child’s hand. See the miracle that is your child. And then, with as much vision as you can muster, I want you to imagine that your child is black.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Talmudvision to Honor Sodomite Triumphs

The ideal slave is a completely debased individual who can be easily controlled by whatever vice holds sway. By the same token, a White person who is healthy physically, mentally and spiritually is the cultural marxist's worst and most hated enemy. For this reason, to say nothing of muh shekels, we've seen aggressive kosher promotion of every flavor of spiritual poison, from jewish feminism to nihilistic materialism to promoting the rectum as a substitute vagina for the mentally defective. All of these evils works together, which is why the sodomite agenda has achieved incredible success while its alleged opponents like the Loser Party are helpless thanks to their own massive, jew-promoted degeneracy.

You don't want to lose that careerism, do you? And hey, here's some semitic filth featuring negroes buggering shiksas. Don't forget the Africa Ball! In between watching the negro bulls fight for a ball you can briefly turn out of the corner and watch the merchant on the electronic synagogue sing the virtues of inserting objects into the anus, the last and best civil rights frontier.

Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and director Gus Van Sant are developing an eight-hour miniseries for ABC, which will chronicle the history of the gay rights movement.

Eight hours of bathroom stall heroes, wise hissing dykes, underage "twink" sickness, Buffalo Bill freak shows and pure, concentrated societal cancer. Our dead gay country, the series.

Black and Van Sant helmed the 2008 Harvey Milk biopic Milk, which won Academy Awards for Best Writing (Black) and Best Actor (Sean Penn). 

Wow, awards and everything. What a hero.

Trust me.

When We Rise will reportedly cover the history of the movement, beginning with the Stonewall Riots of 1969.

You'll be amazed at how something this viscerally disgusting could gain mainstream acceptance thanks to total jewish control of the media and educational system. 

[The miniseries] chronicles the personal and political struggles, setbacks and triumphs of a diverse family of LGBT men and women who helped pioneer one of the last legs of the U.S. Civil Rights movement from its turbulent infancy in the 20th century to the once unfathomable successes of today.

Unfathomable is right, what person living before the disastrous jewish century would even believe that "special rights for those with damaged rectums" would be one of the few remaining values of a dead nation along with "we all beez equalz" and "White man bad." Mute acceptance of the most vile perversions, this is the bitter harvest of the Long March Through the Culture.

Milk producer Bruce Cohen is also working as an executive producer on the project.

Every. Single. Time.

Full Story.

The jew promoting spiritual evil.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Food Stamp Nation

How will the U.S.S.A. finally dissolve? One increasingly likely possibility is that a brown paw will swipe the "free sheet from Whitey" card and instead of more largesse from the honky debil an error message will pop up instead, perhaps explaining in crude ebonics that the 21 trillion in kosher sin debt has finally been called in. Then the all against all will begin: burning cities, looting, tar-complected "law enforcement" joining in the bacchanal while still wearing their cargo cult uniforms, White do-gooders slaughtered, the final and predictable outcome of the equality mythology. Until this day of the content of their character the hand-outs continue, purchasing sullen hostility and an insistence that everything is actually "races." Soon the jew economic voodoo and the negro pathology will "intersect" as the priests of our State Religion like to say, and it all ends. And it all begins, too.

The number of individuals receiving benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, otherwise known as food stamps, has exceeded 45 million for 53 straight months, according to data released by the Department of Agriculture.
The end game of communism, negro appeasement, foreign welfare colonization and a criminal government that honestly seems to believe this peaceful disaster is somehow sustainable. 45 million leaning on Uncle Sucker and his magical kosher carpet bag. It be free, mudda fudda, swipe dat E.B.T.

The USDA has been tracking data on participation in the program since fiscal year 1969, at which time average participation stood at about 2,800,000. This means that since then, participation in the program has increased by roughly 16-fold.

Huh. How about that. It's almost like there's a direct correlation between the explosion of a "gibs me dat" permanent alien underclass and the all-out semitic assault on our culture that occurred in the later half of the disastrous jewish century. Naw, must be some crazy coincidence. Here, watch sports and drink. How about some kosher pornography, goyim?

I bee tiss-a-patin' in pograms an sheet.

Maura Corrigan, a scholar at the large American Enterprise Institute, says that despite improvements in the economy, the program remains and too few adults who benefit from the program are working. 

Somehow having a handful of plutocrats with little caps on the backs of their heads looting our dead nation isn't improving things for the average person. Who could have predicted this? I thought muh GDP would solve everything. In other unrelated news we're running a 400 billion yearly trade deficit with China and recently signed an insane budget that amounts to sucking on the globalist shotgun.

Gettin' dat sugah wadda on.

“Rather than promoting self-sufficiency, SNAP’s predominant track record over the past decade has been to add participants to its rolls. Also, its eligibility definitions are in many cases vague, allowing it to deny fraud, waste, and abuse in the program, despite the reports of such behavior from citizens and caseworkers.”

I know, it's pretty surprising that once a negro or la-teen-oh finds out they can have a higher standard of living as a system leech than working whatever dead-end job their limited intelligence and basic civility would allow they decide to keep sucking the taxes. 

“SNAP is designed to be responsive to the economy, and this downward trend is an encouraging sign that the economic recovery is reaching struggling families,” said a spokesman for the USDA. “The best way to reduce spending in the program is to continue improving the economy and connecting recipients with job training and job placement assistance. USDA is focused on finding innovative, cost-effective strategies to help even more recipients find and keep gainful employment that enables them to support their families.”

Muh economy. Clearly we'll solve this by reasoning with the negro and appealing to the generosity of the traveling merchant. This is certain to work, expect to see massive improvements any day now.

  Wah bee dat durr jab place-mat ass-sis-tents?

Monday, December 21, 2015

Driving While Black

Even the most mundane activities are potential disasters when the "African American" idiocy and violence is factored in. America was built by and for Whites so it really shouldn't be surprising that alien outsiders struggle with concepts like "the center of the road isn't for walking" and "don't plow into a crowd of people in a motor vehicle" but somehow there still remains horribly misguided optimism among many Whites when addressing the negro problem. Maybe we can still fix this evolutionary dead-end, just keep spending and keep bleeding and dying. This endless and pathetic appeasement has purchased the worst negro behavior we've ever seen and it's not getting better. They need to be removed.

Clark County Nevada law enforcement officials identified the woman who repeatedly drove up and down a Las Vegas sidewalk Sunday night striking pedestrians and killing one, as  24-year-old Lakeisha N. Holloway of Portland.

The content of their character. A race of morons and criminals. The walk in the street and drive on the sidewalk. A Hottentot straight from an anthropology text runs over victims while "faded" in the "whip." What was this animal thinking, if anything? Why was it turned loose in a White country?

Living fossil drove on the sidewalk.

Jessica Valenzuela, 32, of Buckeye, Arizona died in the incident, according to the Clark County coroner's office.

This "diversity" thing is really working out great. Thanks, jews!

She was charged with murder, first-degree child abuse or neglect and duty to stop at the scene of an accident, booking records show.

Demonic idiocy and depravity, a primitive brain that is not in any way compatible with even the most modest demands of a civilized society. This worthless creature had more rights than any White person. Now it's off to the "crib" for a joke sentence and down the memory hole for another brief glimpse of the coming cannibal state.

Cleaning up the negro mess.

Jail records listed the initial cash bail amount at $5,000.

Sounds about right for killing someone with a automobile. Nothing to see here goyim. Go back to your Africa Ball and kosher pornography.

Police say they believe Holloway - driving a car with Oregon license plates - intentionally ran down people on the sidewalk outside the Paris Hotel & Casino at 6:30 p.m. 

With its diminutive frontal lobes full of nonsensical malice it plowed into people. Better set that bail nice and low.

Oregon court records show that Holloway was convicted of operating a vehicle without driving privileges and driving uninsured in December 2011 in Multnomah County.

Yeah. Imagine that.

What happens in Vegas goes down the memory hole.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Weary of the Violence

About a year ago I discussed the story of a debased White woman whose rebellious acts of bestiality led to a predictable and horrible end. Like most crimes committed against Whites it quickly vanished down the memory hole. After all, even a "good" White that acted as a lust receptacle for savage animals before being cremated while still alive by these same monsters is not going to be noticed by the liar press, not when there's Africa ball on the talmudvision and new wars for Israel that we need badly. Incredibly this story has returned almost a year later and the evolutionary dead-ends involved have been arrested.

Seventeen people have been charged in north Mississippi as a part of a major operation targeting suspected gang members called "Operation Bite Back," officials said.

The toothless, bleeding mouth of the American rump state clamps dripping abscessed gums on the negro rot. How about a year or two in the "crib," funded by White tax dollars? That should fix the genetically determined failure of this moronic alien race. 

FBI Special Agent in Charge Don Alway announced the offensive early Tuesday morning.

Time for an "offensive" against the negro rot. We've got cities burning, rule of law vanishing, open tribal warfare and the undeclared one-sided race war against Whites. Don't worry, Alway's attack should bring everything back in order.

Officials say the operation focuses on Panola County and is a byproduct of the deep investigation that has come through the probe into the death of Jessica Chambers, a 19-year-old woman burned alive on Dec. 6, 2014, in Courtland.

Race-mixer misery. The real-life negro is a little different than the one on the telavivision as this victim of kosher propaganda found out far too late to make any difference. A stone age nightmare creature was already spraying her with gasoline when the bulb finally came on, assuming it ever did. These are not Whites that someone forgot to take out of the toaster. These are dangerous and idiotic child-demons. They have no place in a White nation.

Believed in racial flat-earth theory, died a horrific death.

Just after 8 p.m., Chambers was doused with gasoline and set on fire in her car next to the gate to private land on Herron Road. She got out of the car and was found on the road with burns over most of her body. She died hours later at a hospital in Memphis.
The content of their character. The African heart of darkness has arrived in the U.S.S.A.

FBI spokesman Jason Pack said as the FBI assisted state and local investigators, suspected illegal activity came to light and resulted in the indictments and arrests Tuesday morning.

Our heroic government was somehow able to catch the criminal mastermind that is your average 70 I.Q. Muh Dikk-American. 

FBI agents targeted suspected members of the Black Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, and Sipp Mob street gangs after gathering intelligence on their suspected criminal activity from local law enforcement and community members weary of the violence in their neighborhoods.

You know you live in healthy democracy when the tar-colored "Sipp Mob" is openly engaged in tribal battles with other equally piss-ant negro rabble and it takes months of investigation and a miscegenation case roasted like a marshmallow before we can start getting some new brown paws to hold up the bars at the license plate factory.

  Sipp Mob arrests or a Star Wars casting call?

According to MDOC records, Gregory Andrews and Janicholas Scott were both on parole for previous drug charges. The Clarion-Ledger has reached out to MDOC to see whether any of the others have records with the state.

Yes, Janicholas. Incredibly, this Sun Person had a criminal record. Some of the other negroes might too, declares a modern Sherlock Holmes. You know what, you might be right!

Alway said the suspects have been indicted on a variety of state and federal charges, and officials expect that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

More like the tip of the coal pile.

Champion said authorities are now in "proactive stage."

No more completely ignoring snow hoes that get turned into negro tiki torches.

"We're going to start being very proactive toward the drug and gun problems in the communities," he said. 

Let's blame some inanimate objects for the negro pathology. Don't forget "bad streets" and, of course, "White privilege."

A marked lack of street chatter has made the case a tough one to crack, authorities have said, causing much of the investigation to hinge on data collection.

The incredible complexity of negro crime and the negro itself.

"Data collection" should solve this.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The British Brand of Islam

The end game of "diversity" is a population of identical-looking and behaving brown humanoids, individuals without a mind, a soul, a culture or a future. Cattle for big jew to rule over, the thousands of slaves promised by the talmud. Any actual diversity, in the original meaning that word had before it was destroyed by cultural marxist newspeak, will be eliminated. In its place will be a nightmare world of superstition, violence and rot. No sane person would support this, so it's vital to pretend that nations and culture aren't real, that negroes are just sun-tanned Whites, that the moon cult from the desert is somehow compatible with muh democratic values, that everything Whites built was just some crazy coincidence and also the result of "racism." In the United Kaliphate, the gold standard for pathetic dhimmitude, new deceits are needed. How about a British mosque, one we can all be proud of?

The first Muslim woman to serve as a British government minister, Baroness Warsi, has called for mosques in the UK to be built without minarets to help develop a “distinctly British brand” of Islam.

See, the stone cube bomb-throwers are ready to become good little subjects of Not-so-Great Britainistan. The best part is that the empty JUDEO-christian churches, their legitimacy destroyed by jew-worship, marxism and fully embracing the satanic evil of the jewish century, can be easily converted into these exciting new British mosques. Keep watching your coal-black premier league, keep drinking those kosher "pints," keep pretending everything is fine. There will always be an England, just ask anyone working to destroy it.

Midnight at the Britainistan oasis.

She argued that there was no reason why mosques should not look like traditional village churches.
Well, other than the obvious ones, but ignoring what's right in front of your face is the only remaining virtue for most Westerners. 

“A nod to the heritage and the culture that you find yourself in can be very helpful”, she said, explaining that she wants “to see an Islam which sits comfortably within Britain and a Britain that sits more at ease with Islam.”

That or no-go zones, sharia law, rape gangs we ignore because we're afraid of being called "races" and endless foreign invasion. Yes, these moon god jihadists are nice and compatible with White nations, we just need to make their ass-in-the-air houses look more like our own dead faith.

According to the Baroness, building mosques to look like churches would not be a problem, as “the only requirement is for it to have a place for the imam to stand, to be facing Mecca when you pray and to have places for people to wash before prayer”.

All you need is four walls and a roof for terrorism recruitment, maybe a nice basement for bomb construction.

The peer, who served as the so-called “faith minister” in the Coalition government, is purportedly setting up a new foundation in her name to promote religious tolerance.

Religious tolerance = Christians gritting their teeth in silence while the most vile spiritual evil takes over.

Religion of peace rot.

She first made the mosque suggestion last week in a speech at St Mary’s University, London where she is starting as a visiting professor and where a competition is running to design such a mosque.

Hey, kids! Design a moe-ham-head hut and win rad prizes! "I just took an existing mosque model and added some wings to it. Plus these gnarly racing stripes." 

During the speech, she also said that Muslims were not religiously obliged to wear full Middle Eastern dress, such as the burqa and/or long gown, when they live in the west.

Yeah. We'll see how well that goes for you once the protective hand of Whites is removed and an inbred scimitar-waving lunatic is in charge.

I cannot understand why you would want to look like someone who walked out of Yemen, unless your parents lived there,” she said.

I cannot understand why you'd want someone who walked out of Yemen in your country.

“The phrase that I keep coming back to, which is rooted in Islamic thinking, is that Islam is like a river that takes the colour from the bed over which is flows, the bed being the country in which it is found.

More like a burst pipe spraying out chunky sewage.

“That’s what we want to have a debate around and a potential design competition. What I would like to see is the quintessential English mosque.

Welcome to clown world.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

You Can Get Your Walk On

Please watch this amazing video.

Do I really need to say anything? The death of a nation sure has a dignity all its own. If you're still on the fence about the communist indoctrination center being a massive jewish con game after watching this I'm not sure if you can be reached. We've got a good boy turning his life around (c)rapper, a giant negro monster that may or may not be female and a steady stream of profound ugliness, disgusting blobs of chunky vomit drooling out of the gaping mouth of our national corpse.

Those hip and vibrant genetic aliens are here to convince those shiftless and directionless Whites to build dem bridges an sheeet. No, you dumb White, astrology isn't a college course! You'll just have to settle for witchcraft and black magic studies, also known as the myths of racial equality and "White privilege." Did we mention that our dopehead sodomite Kenyan puppet has a degree, even though you're not allowed to see it goyim because those records are sealed for reasons that I'm sure make sense in the context of a free and open democracy.

Go to college, sucker! Get dat learn on, rack up debt, become an unemployable mess by taking worthless hyphen study cultural marxist courses. You want that "better life" of making less money than your parents, having a head full of communist drivel and slaving to pay off the friendly merchant, don't you? Plus, you'll become "educated" in overly complicated word salad ways to say "White man bad" and "sodomy and jewish cultural rot good."

Learn a trade, White man.

I wonder what the shkotzim are saying about this pathetic abortion?

Comments are disabled for this video.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Assuming White Supremacy

For the vast majority of students "college," or the communist indoctrination center as it's more commonly called, serves no purpose other than generating kosher debt and insuring an unemployable generation of right-thinking human derelicts. "White man bad" speeches are not preparing a young person to enter an increasingly anti-White workforce. Deep feelings of self-loathing instilled by a marxist professor are not going to help build a family or find a place in the community. All of this is intentional. The hope is to create atomized and rootless Whites that will vote for their own destruction, that will pay large amounts of geld to be blamed for the genetically determined failure of the lower races. Soon a simple racial head-count will be sufficient for our enemies to get their way in muh democracy, but until then the propaganda must continue.

A professor at Calvin College in Michigan wrote a column accusing his students and fellow faculty members of being white supremacists for failing to accept the notion of “white privilege.”

Another Calvin College snob. I'm sure there's plenty of goose-stepping "supremacists" at this tiny JUDEO-christian cow college. Then again, anything other than happily embracing your own destruction makes you a "races" so this just might fit in with the new semitic "words don't actually have any meaning other than slurs to call our enemies" academic rigor.

The professor also says Calvin College itself and the entire state of Michigan only exist because of said white privilege.

He's right. Without "White privilege," defined as our superior intelligence, creativity, beauty, toughness and vision there would be nothing there but wasteland. Taming the wilderness and building civilization from nothing, that's somehow an unearned giveaway in the pea brain of this careerist shithead. "You built a beautiful mansion and now you get to live in it! And you won't let me in! Privilege! 'Racism!' Six million in a gas oven!"

The state of Michigan is "races!" I'm not insane, I've got a degree!

In late November, Calvin College endured a small scandal when swastikas and the words “white power” were found written on several cars using snow.

Hey rabbi, watcha doin' with that snow???

Two students confessed to the deed, but their names, motivations and punishments haven’t been revealed, leaving open the possibility the stunt was a hoax or a poorly conceived prank rather than an act of hate.

Yeah, imagine that. Low effort phony "hate crime" falls to pieces, again. If this was real the panty-raiding prankers would be the Two Minutes Hate subject for at least a day or two, so all that remains is another pathetic hoax. The important thing is it could have happened, right?

But according to Joseph Kuilema, a professor in social work, the swastika incident is only one tiny part of the much greater problem of white privilege.

Negroes putting snow on "whips," how does this "intersect" with "critical Whiteness."

Please don't reveal the amazing twist ending where the author's real background is revealed.

“What occurred was not an isolated incident, a freak occurrence in an otherwise loving and inclusive community,” Kuilema says in a column last Friday in Calvin’s school paper.  

Must be an isolated incident. Snow removal gone wrong. Good kids, turning life around. 

“While few members of this community openly espouse white supremacy, many members of our community continue to deny white privilege. It must be clearly stated that those who deny white privilege functionally believe in white supremacy, whether they have the courage to write it on a car or not.”

It's very clear to me that witchcraft, black magic and devil worship are taking place in this Puritan community and anyone who denies it must be one the malefactors, whether they have the courage to ruin crops or attack people in spectral form or not. 

Kuilema goes on to say both Calvin College and the entire state of Michigan are products of white privilege and white supremacy.

We're still not at a point where we can pretend moe-ham-head, Laquisha and Pedro built our nation, but be patient we're getting there.

Every. Single. Time.

“The land on which Calvin College sits was stolen from what our own Declaration of Independence termed ‘the merciless Indian savages’ by the Treaty of Chicago in 1821 … Calvin College would not exist without racism.”

We ran a few dangerous squatters off completely undeveloped land and then built it up from nothing. Sound like more of that "racism" we're always hearing about.

Kuilema also expresses distress over a recent statement from college president Michael K. Le Roy, who stated all people are racist in some way.

Well, that's refreshing. Maybe I misjudged comrade professor.

But Kuilema says that’s not the case, as only white people can be racist in America.

Oh. I see.

“I, Joseph Kuilema, am certainly a racist,” he writes. “As a white male, I benefit tremendously from institutions and systems that have been built by and for people like me. This is how the social sciences define racism, not as merely the product of prejudice, explicit or implicit bias, but a system of power based on the invention of the ‘white race’ by people in power.”

Look at this, an entire paragraph made up of bizarre word salad. Pay big money for that scrap of jewish toilet paper, White person! You, too, will be able to confidently discuss "implicit bias" and "inventing the White race" with your fellow debt victims.

“If, as a white person, you refuse to acknowledge [white] privilege, you are asserting that the game of life in America is inherently meritocratic, that it is a fair game, that those who try hardest win,” he says, before claiming this is obviously false due to phenomena such as white families having higher average wealth and and blacks having a higher incarceration rate.

And we all know the negro is just a sun-tanned White so it must be false! Alien genetics? I.Q. average a full standard deviation lower? Underdeveloped frontal lobes? No, it was "racism." You can't even give this mush the benefit of the doubt and call it simple ignorance anymore. This is depraved lunacy from a criminal scumbag.

Not a fair game.

“As a white person, you can choose to believe the game is fair,” he continues. “You can choose to believe that you have no privilege. You can see what happened on November 22 as the splinter in the eye of two misguided students. But if you do so, you ignore the plank. If the game is fair you are assuming that white people are simply better at it … You are assuming white supremacy.”

Well, yeah. My eyes aren't lying to me. 

Our equals.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Pale Mystery Meat Whines About "Racism"

There's never going to come a day when the negro appeasement is deemed sufficient, when the open border surrender to the la-teen-oh earns goodwill, when the jew will decide that it's time to stop wailing about the holohoax. There's never going to come a day when our suicidal generosity is seen as anything other than a weakness to be ruthlessly exploited by our enemies. When we're gone they'll curse us in our graves while civilization dies and the surviving primitive humanity returns to the stone age existence necessitated by their idiocy and violent all against all. A lot more will need to be done, as dark monsters chuck rocks and sharpened sticks at each beneath the crumbling ruins built by the dead "races."

If we're going to hold back this return to savagery we have to stop worrying about being called names by our enemies, especially when the enemy in question is a jew-funded undercover brother eager to educate an increasing shrinking White population about our sins against the holy mother synagogue.

The right question to ask is this: What am I doing right now to stand against American racism?

What are you doing to support your own destruction? Ask not what the negro can do for you (rap lyrics and scoring "tugs" mostly), ask how you can die for the negro. Keep groveling, it worked so well over the last fifty years and for g*d's sake don't have any White children.

The deadliest hate crime against African Americans happened not in 1955, but earlier this year in Charleston, South Carolina.

I'm pretty sure that was a random incident where the negroes were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Cry me a river.

Scumbag negro impersonator wants more White genocide.

The American prison population has grown 1000% since the start of the Civil Rights Movement and has fallen disproportionately on the backs of African Americans and Latinos.

Negro monsters and la-teen-oh aliens in prison. What could be causing all this? Their inherent criminal tendencies, low intelligence, refusal to integrate into the culture and lack of future time orientation? No silly, it's "racism!" I do agree that this number is troubling, mostly because we have to pay to house the genetic alien in the "crib." They should be either put down or deported.

What am I doing right now to stem the rising tide of Islamophobia?

I'm sure your pathetic dhimmitude will encourage the moon cube monsters to stop raping and killing.

Well, I'm convinced.

Just this morning I read a crushing story of a Muslim man named Mohammed

Yeah, I know, I'm surprised too. Moe-ham-head. The rich and vibrant name diversity of the jihadan.

who was afraid to give his name at Starbuck’s so he insisted on just giving his initials.

Wow, just wow. Sure White women are being raped and we're ignoring it so as to not be "races," but this is truly crushing. This poor sand person, forced to give initials because that should disguise the fact that he's a moe-ham-head. 

The leading Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump, has proposed banning all Muslims from entering our country and has suggested that mosques be shut down and Muslims be tracked.

Finally a mainstream candidate I can endorse as something other than "slightly less evil than the communist sociopath the donkey party is running." 

It's a terrifying experience right now for Muslims in America who are arbitrarily blamed and held responsible for crimes they had nothing to do with.

Oh no, hurt feelings! Better bring in another million "widows and orphans" for Idaho so that the religion of peace animals can stop worrying about being called a name or common sense immigration policies being enacted. 

What am I doing right now to show compassion to immigrants who so badly want to call the United States their home?

Am I doing enough to irrevocably destroy Western Civilization? 

As Trump proclaims that he would “round up” up over 400,000 immigrants per month for 24 straight months and drop them off at a random location in Mexico, the levels of stress and fear in millions of immigrant families, who simply came here for a better life, have dramatically risen.

I guess the stress and fear Whites feel as our country dies isn't as important as Pablo thinking "Eyyy, da dumm gringo is waking up, I theeeennnk." Restoring the rule of law and our national sovereignty? Better ask a con man who plays negro make-believe if it's right or not.

What difference are you making right now? 

I name the jew, just to give one example.

What risks are you taking to be the change, right now? If you are struggling to answer that question, it’s time to get to work.

Yeah. No shit.

Full Article.

No, really, I'm a negro.