Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Day: Brown Garbage Robs Elderly Veteran in Home Invasion

The three day weekend is long over, the empty beer bottles and snack wrappers already are in the landfill, along with the little American flags and our nation's future in general. They fought and died for nothing. We live in a dead nation where brown bipeds freely prey on the elderly, the generation that fought "evil" in World War 2 and silently watched our country destroyed by cultural marxists.

The Carson City Sheriff's Office has two men behind bars who allegedly robbed a 100-year-old veteran at his home over Memorial Day weekend.

Just another day in the U.S.S.A.

According to Sheriff Ken Furlong, 27-year-old Robert Michael Hernandez of Carson City and 25-year-old Jordan Randall Burkhart, of Wellington, were arrested Wednesday.

I guess all this "natural conservative" talk might have been a little premature.

"Ey, I vote for Loser Party, I theeennk."

Sheriff Furlong says around 5 a.m. Sunday morning, deputies responded to a report of a home invasion and robbery at a home on Canvasback Drive. They say the victim, James Sorrentino, is a 100-year-old Army Air Corp and U.S. Air Force veteran. He was at home with a woman who is his in-residence care-giver when the robbery happened.

Mystery Meat robbed a 100-year-old veteran.

Authorities say the Hernandez and Burkhart forced their way into the home by kicking and prying at the door. Once inside, they say one of the men held a gun to the care-giver's head, ransacked the house and fled.  

This is why you need to be armed. It's going to take time for the Romney voters to kick and pry their way in. When they finish you should be ready to gun down the brown.

Fortunately neither victim was injured during the attack but authorities say the men stole about $30 in cash and other miscellaneous property.

"Fortunately" doesn't even begin to cover it. Walking dog shit stole trinkets from the most helpless available victim. 

On Wednesday, detectives arrested Burkhart for probation violation and were later able to obtain an arrest warrant for him and Hernandez related to the home invasion.

Yeah, they let this slime out of an "over-crowded" prison. No rule of law, no fear of punishment, the necrosis spreads through what remains after national suicide.

Both men are charged with several robbery and gun related charges. Bail was set at $250,000 each.

They're not going to be seriously punished for this appalling crime.

Thank a veteran that you're not "speaking German," kids. They suffered and died and continue to suffer so that we could live in a kosher open sewer. Let the next battle be for White self-determination.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Negro Graduation Brawl Caught on Camera

Stereotypes are real. Please watch the following video before it's pulled by the jew in a pathetic and desperate attempt to wish away reality and keep Whites sleepwalking to our execution.

All against all violence. Monkey noises. Chaos. This is what "diversity" and democracy look like. Animals dressed up as humans, reverting to their natural state.

A fight following a Baltimore County high school commencement ceremony Monday has gone viral online.

Viral is right. A two-legged virus, spreading from coast to coast, being shipped by big jew into the Whitest areas available. You can't run anymore, this sewage is coming to your neighborhood.

Towson University police arrested one man and one woman in connection with the fight. A university spokesman said charges are pending.

Our laws were created by and for Whites. Trying to hold a shrieking simian alien to those same standards is absurd. Pretending they are our equal is a farce. Removal is the solution.

Dante Smith, 23, of Woodlawn,was charged with one count of resisting arrest and second degree assault. Natanya Johnson, 33, of Gwynn Oak, was charged with two counts of disorderly conduct.

Age 33 "teen" has a major malfunction at a publik schmuel graduation. A scene from "Animal Planet" unfolds in a dead nation.

Full Story.

It's time for the American negro to "graduate" from civilized White nations and return to The Mother so they can get back to flying and pyramid construction. They certainly have no place here. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chicago "Busy Season" Continues, 11 Dead

The Chicago rot represents the dark future that awaits all of America now that our government is determined to make it impossible for Whites to have their own communities, separate from the massive failure of "diversity." In Chicago we see that "diversity," the identical looking and behaving blacks and browns slaughtering each other in an endless, unwinnable war against their own animal nature. A civilized nation can't support a plurality of these monsters, let alone the majority that's coming soon.

We still can't say anything, can't admit the facts that have become so blatantly obvious that listening to a cultural marxist speak is now totally indistinguishable from parody. In Europe Whites are waking up. The time has come for American nationalism.

Ten males were shot to death and another was fatally stabbed last week in Chicago. Another man died from wounds he suffered during an earlier shooting.

Those crazy "males" and their wacky pranks. An all against all African/Latin America nightmare right in the rotting heart of a dead nation.

The final murder of the week happened when 46-year-old Arron Feazell was shot multiple times in the 3300 block of West Maypole Avenue about 8:05 p.m. Sunday, authorities said. A 17-year-old boy was also wounded in the shooting.

A 46-year-old teen shot in tribal warfare. This is what the welfare, the hand-outs, the preferences, the crawling on our bellies and pathetic prostration before the false gods of the State Religion, has achieved.

On Saturday, 23-year-old Corteze Reed was shot about 8 p.m. while standing in the street in the 900 block of West Windsor Avenue, authorities said.

Natural conservatives, eager to vote for small government, checks and balances and limited federal authority. Once they figure out how to speakee an-glee, how to use a toilet and how to not stand in the middle of streets, that is.

In the Washington Park neighborhood, 17-year-old Dashawn Johnson was shot in the jaw near his home in the 9300 block of South Ada Street about 7:25 p.m. Saturday, authorities said.

If you created a computer algorithm to provide the perfect composite of negro pathology this is what it might give you.

On Thursday, 26-year-old Tinesha Brooks allegedly fatally stabbed Maurice Paschal 15 times in the 3900 block of South Indiana Avenue after the two argued about whether he had been seeing other women about 11:40 p.m., prosecutors said.

This is what happens when there's no "security," like on the jew talk show, to control the fallout of "muh dik" behavior from the negro animal.

Look at all the "diversity!"

In the Roseland neighborhood, 20-year-old Brian McKinney was standing on a sidewalk in the 10700 block of South Indiana Avenue when several people walked up and shot him multiple times about 8:45 p.m. Thursday, authorities said.

Another tragic case of "standing while black." Welcome to African America. 

Hall was walking in an alley when Elvin Prince drove past several times and passengers in the car gave Hall “mean looks,” Assistant State’s Attorney Beth Novy said. One of the passengers then exited the car and shot Hall multiple times. Prince allegedly drove the car into Hall twice as he tried to escape.

A worthless negro named "Elvin Prince" commits a senseless murder because of unpleasant eye contact. Thanks jews, for bringing this garbage here in your slave ships and then unleashing it.

Additionally, 18-year-old Juwan Williams, of the 4000 block of West Arthington Street, died Tuesday after being shot multiple times in the 3900 block of West Polk Street on May 18, authorities said.

Another composite created by that computer program. The banality of negro evil.

Chicago Police, which counts murders different, have ruled at least eight of the homicides as involuntary manslaughter, justified self-defense or accidents.

See, crime is down! Shooting someone who gives me an unkind look is "self defense" or maybe an "accident!" Go back to sleep, everything is fine!

Why was there segregation? The cultural marxist will tell you because of the inherent evils of "racist" White devils. The actual reason is the above accounts, the pathetic and predictable savagery of a failed race. Segregation ultimately failed. Deportation is the answer.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tribal Warfare at Negro Motorcycle Rally

When the negro gathers in significant numbers trouble is not far behind. This is the case whether it's a shopping center, a dying American city or an entire continent. The genetic differences that make them incompatible with Western civilization are prominently on display, the pathetic content of their character is visible to anyone who is willing to give the situation an honest appraisal. We are not equal. We can't live together. They need to be removed.

Myrtle Beach police responded to six separate shootings Saturday that left three people dead and five people wounded over Memorial Day Weekend CNN reports, citing police Capt. David Knipes.

Would a White event of equivalent size generate six separate shootings over one weekend? We all know the answer, although most won't dare speak it.

The fatal shootings occurred at the Bermuda Sands motel, where three people were killed and one person was wounded. According to Captain Knipes, no one has been arrested.

The usual "no arrests were made." Slowly the U.S.S.A. takes on the form of the dark continent. No rule of law. Tribal violence. Corrupt and feckless authorities.

According to one witness interviewed by WPDE, one of the victims tried to escape the mayhem, running away after being shot.

"Dey be rannin way fom de may-ham an sheet. We be dyin' he-ah!"

The shootings occurred during Black Bike Week, an annual celebration which attracts hundreds of thousands of bikers and non-bikers alike. Black Bike Week, also referred to as the Atlantic Beach BikeFest, is the largest African- American motorcycle rally in the U.S.

Totally predictable negro failure rides with it.

The dark future?

“The senseless acts of criminals and unruly visitors have once again marred what should have been a stellar weekend celebrating our Armed Forces and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of America."

"We were supposed to be thinking about how good it is to die for the jew, but the negro pathology got in the way."

"Unfortunately, none of us are surprised"

Yeah. No shit.

"The issue is not race. The issue is responsibility."


After decades of negro appeasement we've achieved nothing. We haven't miracled up a batch of deeply tanned Whites with flat noses and receding foreheads. Instead we're stuck with the same failed branch of humanity, the same all against all dysfunction. It's time for that honest "conversation on race." It's time for the deportations.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Good News Monday: The European Awakening

It's memorial day here in the U.S.S.A. All the good little tax-payers are sincerely reflecting on the incredible sacrifices made by White men to advance the cause of jewish communism. We can look around at the open sewer our country has become and realize they not only died for nothing but their wasted lives were instrumental in creating the present kosher nightmare. Eat a hamburger, drink that domestic beer, try to numb the growing sense that everything has gone to hell. 17 trillion in sin debt. Dying cities. Undeclared one-sided race war. Amnesty for foreign invaders. Yeah, drink that victory beer. It will be fine, the jew on the television said so.

We should be having a memorial for our dead nation, a nation that was poisoned by prosperity and committed suicide.

In Europe, the news is somewhat more hopeful. The so-called "extreme right" has made massive gains as the average European can now clearly see the writing on the wall. Loss of culture, loss of national identity. White genocide. I don't know if voting in kosher elections can solve this problem, but if it can there's reason for hope. 

Far-right and Euroskeptic parties made sweeping gains in European Parliament elections Sunday -- triggering what one prime minister called a political "earthquake" by those who want to slash the powers of the European Union or abolish it altogether.

One side offers Globalism, the tan everyman, wealthy jews and starving Whites, foreign invasion, alien religions and cultures and national destruction. The "extreme right" represents nationalism, a future for Whites, our blood and soil. Which way, Europe?

One of the most significant winners was France's far-right National Front party, which was the outright winner in France with 26 percent support-- or 4.1 million votes.

We are the future, they are the past. To arms, citizens.

"The sovereign people have spoken ... acclaiming they want to take back the reins of their destiny," party leader Marine Le Pen said in a statement. She called the results "the first step in a long march to liberty."

It's only the first step, but at least it's a step in the right direction, away from a nation of burning cars, sharia no-go zones, and gelded politicians afraid to even discuss the rot.

The National Front like other far-right parties across Europe promote anti-immigrant and often anti-Semitic policies.

Translation: They promote pro-White policies.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, in an impassioned televised speech, called the National Front win "more than a news alert ... it is a shock, an earthquake."

You haven't seen anything yet. The White man is slow to anger, slow to awaken, but when he finally does...

Pro-European parties "have to take very seriously what is behind the vote," said Martin Schulz of the Socialist group in parliament.

Pro-Europe = Anti-Europe.

Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the Liberal caucus in the European Parliament, conceded as much but said even after the vote, two-thirds of the European lawmakers would be "people who are in favor of the European Union."

They still have control. For now.

The National Front was not the only party benefiting from widespread disillusionment with the EU. Nigel Farage, leader of the fiercely Euroskeptical UKIP party, believed he was on track for a historic victory.

Even the United Kaliphate is waking up. Our enemy must be terrified.

"I don't just want Britain to leave the European Union," he added. "I want Europe to leave the European Union."


Conservative caucus leader Joseph Daul put a brave face on the results Sunday. "One thing remains certain: EPP is the responsible political force in Europe, which keeps Europe open," he said.

"Don't worry, we're still working hard to destroy everything."

Voters also put new parties in the European Parliament, with preliminary results showing that Sweden elected the first lawmaker from a feminist party and the Dutch returned one representative for the Party for the Animals.

The kosher poison is still there, of course. Jew feminism. I'm guessing the "Party for Animals" is going to be pro-immigration.

Full Story.

Despite an endless campaign to vilify nationalist parties as "racists" and "haters" and, of course, "anti-semites who gassed me six times and made me live with wolves in the forest" the voters have spoken. The average White European is starting to question the value of an endless foreign invasion of brown aliens. There's a chance to save everything, or at least contain the rot.

Back in the U.S.S.A. our mulatto homosexual president sticks his chin in the air and reads lines about our dead White soldiers, secretly wondering if his Party for Animals might be losing control. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Religion of Peace: Pakistani Immigrant Murders Wife Over Dinner Gone Wrong

We need a lot more muslims in Western nations so that they can enrich our culture with their vibrant and colorful traditions. Traditions like trampling each other while trying to throw rocks at the devil, worshiping a piece of stone, honor killings, and beating their wives to death over poorly prepared meals. The "War on Women" marxists are strangely silent when it comes to the massive pathologies of this false religion. Why? Because feminism, sodomy, materialism and all the rest are only intended for Whites, to promote our destruction. Diversity is White genocide. Multi-culturalism means the destruction of traditional White culture and the promotion of non-White savagery.

A Pakistani immigrant beat his wife to death in their Brooklyn home after she made the mistake of cooking him lentils for dinner instead of the hearty meal of goat meat that he craved, according to court papers.

America is better for having this bronze age malfunction. If you question this, no matter how meekly and apologetically, you are a racist hater who wants to put the jew up a chimney.

Noor Hussain, 75, was so outraged over the vegetarian fare that he pummeled his wife, Nazar Hussain, 66, with a stick until she was a “bloody mess,” according to prosecutors and court papers.

The religion of peace claims another victim. These animals have invaded White nations and brought their death cult of ugliness with them.

“The conversation got louder and [his wife] disrespected defendant by cursing at defendant and saying motherf- -ker, and . . . defendant took a wooden stick and hit her with it on her arm and mouth.”

I guess he assimilated to Weimar American culture at least a little by using negro-talk.

Defense attorney Julie Clark admitted Hussain beat his wife — but argued that he is guilty of only manslaughter because he didn’t intend to kill her. In Pakistan, Clark said, beating one’s wife is customary.

In their Third World hell this sort of all against all is common, so we can't really hold them to the standards of a civilized White nation. This is the defense for the predictable failure of "immigrant" welfare colonists. They take what ruined their homelands with them and we're expected to cater to this.

“He comes from a culture where he thinks this is appropriate conduct, where he can hit his wife,” Clark said in her opening statements at the Brooklyn Supreme Court bench trial. “He culturally believed he had the right to hit his wife and discipline his wife.”

Not a single outraged jew feminist responded, suffice it to say.

The great strength of "diversity."

Madni said that Hussain “brutally attacked his wife as she lay in her bed” — leaving deep lacerations on her head, arms and shoulders, and causing her brain to hemorrhage.

Boatloads of these monsters are flooding our nations.

Madni also said Pakistani women who lived in the same building as the Hussains would testify about the beatings Nazar received at the hands of her husband.“They have told us about years of abuse they witnessed,” Madni said.

Thank you for adding this pile of dog shit to the Amerikwan "salad bowl."

As the rule of law vanishes we can expect to see the "They don't understand White civilization!" defense used more and more often with more and more success. Importing this garbage has brought the Third World nightmare to our front door, creating nations within a nation. We have committed national suicide. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Negro Animal Kills Puppy

The negro anti-soul manifests itself in many ways. Often it's violence aimed at Whites, born from an insane jealousy and fueled by the kosher media and education complex. When they're not targeting "pink people" you can be sure they'll be tearing into each other in endless all against all tribal warfare. In the absence of such victims, other animals are targeted. We've seen it with worthless NFL negroes and now we get another disturbing glimpse into the ethical wasteland inside of the average negro.

A Douglasville woman has been arrested for stealing and killing her neighbor’s puppy.

I'm not sure if this counts as a "robbery gone wrong."

According to Douglas County officials, Ryeeah Hatcher, 27, was arrested Tuesday and has been charged with: theft by taking, willful obstruction of law enforcement and aggravated cruelty to animals.

Prepare to be enriched by the diversity. This walking dog shit has no place in White nations.

The family that owned the dog, 'Sunshine', is beside themselves. The puppy was only six-months-old.

It's hard for a White person to even comprehend the idiotic nihilism of the 85 I.Q. savage.

Worthless, half-formed creature tortured and killed a puppy.

Investigators tell FOX 5 Hatcher stole Sunshine and stuck the dog into a back-pack while it was crying. She beat the dog up against a tree and was slapping it and hitting it with her fist. The dog died inside the back-pack.
The negro anti-soul.

Low I.Q. Lack of future time orientation. Propensity toward violence. Lack of empathy for others. Inability to connect cause and effect. These are the defining traits of the "African American," our equal.  

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

School Honors Night "Too Exclusive"

Cultural marxism is the worship of ugliness and death. Beauty, individual excellence, honor and striving for greatness are its mortal enemies. We must have equality of outcome. If the hateful achievement just so happens to be dominated by Whites, as is inevitably the case, it becomes a double evil. As usual, the solution is to simply wish a way reality, to not recognize White excellence because it hurts the feelings of the various failed branches of humanity.

Citing concerns about the "exclusive nature" of the annual honors night at Archie R. Cole Middle School, school officials have decided to scrap the tradition.

"Diversity" means fewer Whites. "Exclusive" means anything that is primarily White. When you talk with a marxist words don't mean what the dictionary says they do.

Instead, students who would normally be recognized at the annual spring tradition will be honored during team-based recognition ceremonies and graduation.

Everything must be a collective. The individual is the enemy.

"Members of the school community have long expressed concerns related to the exclusive nature of Honors Night," the email stated.

"It be races an sheet."

By having the recognition ceremonies during team-based ceremonies, it will "afford us the opportunity to celebrate the individual and collective success of all students and their effort, progress and excellence."

Doubleplus good. As a reward for meeting your kollectiv goals your sugar ration is being increased from seven grams to five grams. Good work comrade!

At the same time, Cole varsity athletes will get medals and trophies at an after school ceremony.

There's probably enough "Look at that boy run!" negroes to justify this.

“How else are they suppose to learn coping skills, not just based on success, but relative failure, it might not be failure, but understand what it takes to achieve high levels,” said parent Joe Kosloski.

No. We're all equal. Shut up and die.

The steady march toward the mindless, undifferentiated tan everyman continues. We can't have Ha Ha and Barkevious feeling bad because of White excellence. Hide it under lies, bury the truth. Welcome to the U.S.S.A.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

First Negress: Spy on Your Parents, Kids!

There is no rational argument for cultural marxism, just emotion, name-calling, screaming, and tyranny. In the "marketplace of ideas" they would never win, so it becomes necessary to strip the shelves of anything that opposes the kosher agenda. In Europe speech and thought crime laws are now firmly in place, while in the U.S.S.A. every effort is being made to implement them, First Amendment be damned. You can already expect to have your life ruined if you engage in Crime Speech, but this isn't enough for Big Jew. They literally want to put us into gulags.


Impressionable children, the only ones lacking the experiential maturity to immediate reject the nonsense being offered, must be recruited and weaponized. Turn in your parents. Get the names of the Thought Criminals.

First lady Michelle Obama is encouraging students to monitor their older relatives, friends and co-workers for any racially insensitive comments they might make, and to challenge those comments whenever they’re made.

Almost everything a White person says, does, or thinks is "racially insensitive." Our very existence is upsetting to the lower races. These evils must be "challenged" by brainwashing victims fresh from the communist indoctrination center.

The first lady spoke on Friday to graduating high school students in Topeka, Kansas, and in remarks released over the weekend, Obama said students need to police family and friends because federal laws can only go so far in stopping racism.

Laws only go so far in silencing and intimidating Whites. At least for now. Until that can be changed some know-nothing punk kid will be right there to bleat "Wow. Just wow." and "That's not cool." at the hate facts.

“Our laws may no longer separate us based on our skin color, but nothing in the Constitution says we have to eat together in the lunchroom, or live together in the same neighborhoods,” she said. “There’s no court case against believing in stereotypes or thinking that certain kinds of hateful jokes or comments are funny.”

"We need massive, coercive, legislation to destroy White freedoms."

To address these limitations in the law, Obama asked students to take steps to “drag my generation and your grandparents’ generation along with you” in the fight against racism.

"Drag them kicking and screaming, up against the wall!"

“Maybe that starts simply in your own family, when grandpa tells that off-colored joke at Thanksgiving, or you’ve got an aunt [that] talks about ‘those people,’” she said. “Well, you can politely inform them that they’re talking about your friends.

It'll be like having a kommissar in your own house! Won't that be great?

“Or maybe it’s years from now, when you’re on the job and you’re the one who asks, do we really have all the voices and viewpoints we need at this table?"

Then your Chinese masters will have you whipped and cut your pay to half a bowl of rice.

“But no matter what you do, the point is to never be afraid to talk about these issues, particularly the issue of race,” she said.

And by "talk" we mean the usual one-sided lecture full of marxist rhetoric, not an actual, legitimate discussion of racial differences.

While Obama praised the student body for being racially diverse, she said segregation is happening again in some parts of the country, as some people are moving away and leaving city schools. She said that is leading to segregation that is as bad as it was decades ago.

Every last White must be hunted down and "enriched." None are allowed to escape the rot.

“So today, by some measures, our schools are as segregated as they were back when Dr. King gave his final speech,” she said.

"I'm not a negro tonight!"

Obama originally planned to speak to students on the graduation day, but in late April the White House agreed that she would speak at a “senior recognition day” after students protested her arrival.

There's at least one hopeful sign.

Full Story.

Spy on each other. Develop the "American Look." Turn in your relatives. This is the Orwellian nightmare that will be necessary to maintain the lies that Whites are increasingly questioning. Meanwhile, the lower races are destroying our cities and engaging in tribal warfare. Tyranny and anarchy, the forces tearing apart America's remains. Soon nothing will be left.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Chicago "Busy Season" Continues

Over fifty years have passed since "civil rights" legislation insured that [negroes] would be voting [marxist] for the next 200 years. During that time every coercive measure imaginable has been deployed in an endless kosher war against reality. After all of this, a negro is still a negro. Combine this with a massive foreign invasion from the Latin American sewer and we get today's Chicago, a city where endless tribal warfare rages between failed branches of humanity. Whites get the blame. Whites get the bill.

Two men were killed and at least 18 other people have been injured in shootings since Friday night.

Yes, "Busy Season" has definitely arrived in another city rapidly fundamentally transforming itself into Detroit. Human-shaped animals are engaging in open warfare in the streets while Whites flee, slumber and pay.

Kendall Floyd, 20, was in the 3400 block of West Madison about 11:30 p.m. when someone in a white minivan drove up and fired shots, striking him in his head and chest, according to police and the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.

The amazing "African American" experience. So much soul, so hip, cool and sexually desirable.

At 4:25 p.m., Charles Lee of the 1700 block of North Lotus was sitting in a vehicle in the 200 block of North Pine when another vehicle pulled up and someone inside opened fire, hitting Lee multiple times on his right side, police said.

Negroes getting shot while "chillin' in da whip."

A few minutes before 4 a.m. Sunday, a man was shot in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood. The man, 23, walked in to Our Lady of the Resurrection Medical Center with multiple gunshot wounds, police said. He was listed there in stable condition. He told police he had been shot in the 4600 block of West Diversey, police said.

They should call it "West Diversity." Another all against all victim, another hospital bill for the White tax-paying sucker.

Less than 20 minutes earlier, a 19-year-old man was shot while sitting in his vehicle in the Chatham neighborhood.

When you're a negro sitting in the "whip" is potentially life-threatening.

At least 16 other people have been injured in shootings across the city since Friday night. No one is in custody for any of the shootings as area detectives investigate.

"No arrests were made."

Full Story.

Friday, May 16, 2014

D.C. Public School: $30,000 Spent on Each Negro, They Still Can't Read

Spending money on education does nothing. This isn't even a controversial statement anymore. It's been proven beyond any reasonable doubt. The alternative to throwing money at genetic determinism is to admit that racial differences in intelligence and behavior exist, the mortal sin of our state religion. The ineffectual waste continues, producing the worst crop of la-teen-oh and negro "teens" in our nation's history. What goes on in schools today will be what our society looks like tomorrow. What's going on is police state, negro appeasement, non-assimilation, marxism, victim group mentality, perversion, idiocy, violence and the money of White tax paying suckers being poured down the African and la-teen-oh toilet. This is our future.

The public schools in Washington, D.C., spent $29,349 per pupil in the 2010-2011 school year, according to the latest data from National Center for Education Statistics, but in 2013 fully 83 percent of the eighth graders in these schools were not "proficient" in reading and 81 percent were not "proficient" in math.

Little Barkevious can't do basic math. Jose speaks less than a hundred words of English, despite being in this country for years. Keep paying Whitey, it's getting results. Slowly. Very slowly. So slow you can't actually measure it.

Government has manifestly failed the families who must send their children to these schools, and the children who must attend them.

How we get "government failed" from the starting point of massive investment in non-Whites is one of the bigger mysteries of this article. It might have, but genetic determinism failed first.

D.C. eighth graders scored an average of 248 out of 500 in reading, and Mississippi finished next to last with an average of 253.

Please don't look at the respective demographics and come to the obvious conclusions.

Only 17 percent of D.C. 8th graders rated "proficient" or better in reading. In Mississippi, it was 20 percent.

Soon they'll be voting.

Here's what your money buys.

The Department of Education's Trial Urban District Assessments program compares the test results in 21 large-city school districts, including Washington, D.C.

The first time I read it as "Tribal Urban District." That would make more sense, actually.

Among other things, they spent $10,584 per pupil on "instruction," which "encompasses all activities dealing directly with the interaction between teachers and students."

It definitely belongs in quote marks.

Then they spent $2,124 on "interest on school debt."

Unbelievable. We're good for it, China, honest.

Then they spent $1,613 on "instructional staff," $1,546 on "school administration," $1,404 on "student transportation," $1,208 on "student support," $866 on "general administration," $761 on "food services," $450 on "other support services."

Massive waste. 

Reality wouldn't go away, even after all the lies, all the inquisitions, all the African School Economics. An 85 I.Q. average places the average negro a full standard deviation below Whites and Asians, a gap that might as well be the Grand Canyon in terms of successfully interacting with a civilized and technologically advanced society. We can't change that racial difference. Pretending it didn't exist or could somehow be eliminated was the Flat Earth belief of this age.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Law Enforcement Officers Assigned to Louisville School Buses

As the necrosis of "diversity" devours the cold body of the U.S.S.A. the traditionally institutions must resort to increasingly desperate measures to control the content of their character and the foreign invader here for a better life. We need militarized police hiding behind masks and we need them everywhere. Maybe keep the lid on for another year or two, prop up the corpse and pretend everything is fine. What was once America is gone. What remains is a pathetic mockery, a land of idiocy and violence, filth and decay.

Sworn law enforcement officers are now riding on several Jefferson County Public School buses.

The tyranny continues to battle the anarchy, fighting the long demographic defeat.

The union that represents bus drivers said the situation on some school buses is so bad right now the drivers are in fear for their own safety.

The end result of negro appeasement. No improvement, savage violence directed at any convenient target.

Stovall said there are also officers on buses from Kammerer Middle School too.

Once the negro becomes physically mature, a process that happens much faster than in Whites, it becomes dangerous. Middle Schoolers need a police presence.

Before the new police state.

“They can't operate a school bus at 45,000 pounds up to 60 kids on the bus and be a disciplinary too,” Stovall said.

Since we're throwing out numbers, let's not forget the 85 I.Q. average.

The negro is not compatible with Western civilization and it was cruel lunacy to attempt to force them into it. The answer is there removal. The answer is a White nation.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Public School Tribal Warfare: Negroes vs. La-teen-ohs

The protective hand of the White race is the only thing protecting the brown people from each other and themselves. When this hand is removed, as it increasingly is via eroding rule of law, demographic displacement and kosher cultural destruction, the all against all savagery will begin. With no White man to attack, no White man to blame, they will tear each other apart and everything will burn. Look at Detroit. Look at Chicago.

Police arrested six students at Streamwood High School on Tuesday, after a fight that prompted a “hold in place” order at the school.

When America was White and sane we didn't put schools on "hold in place." No one living then would even dream that prison strategies and terminology would have to be applied to our schools, that we would be replaced with moronic animals that bring their third world pathology to America's heartland.

Police from Streamwood and several surrounding suburbs responded after a racially-based lunchroom brawl quickly spun out of control.

Diversity is our greatest strength. Just keep saying that until reality goes away. Here, watch the electronic synagogue and worship federal reserve counterfeit.

“It was at least 40 kids fighting, then it travelled all the way up to the 2nd floor. They fought inside the offices,” said student Deshawn Cavin.

This is what democracy looks like.

“The African-Americans and the Hispanics, they were just attacking each other today,” said student Sarah Sullivan.

Two failed races engaging in all against all warfare in our schools. This is our reward for half a century of appeasement, surrender and cowardice. This is the future of the U.S.S.A. A seething brown mass, with no culture, no brain, no soul. The endless dark night when the light of White civilization is extinguished.

This is what we are fighting against. Big jew is behind it.

“He tried swinging at my friend. He ducked and bust him and they started going at it. Everybody started jumping in and fighting,” said stunt Tylus Wilson.

"Dem gree-sers be swangin' at mah dawg. Den it be da jungle wah-fair. We be actin' more like dem simians den de hoo-man bean."

Parents say just a few weeks ago, students and police met to defuse tensions, apparently to no avail.

Trying to reason with the rot failed. Big surprise.

"Multi-culturalism" fails, volume ten billion.

Police were staying at the building for the rest of the day, and the school planned to have additional supervision there on Wednesday.

Can the tyranny control the anarchy? This is the land of the free.

Schools that are little more than practice prisons for foreign invaders and genetic aliens. A police state deployed in a pathetic attempt to control genetically determined behaviors. The U.S.S.A. is finished. Will it be replaced by a hellish nightmare of brown dysfunction or the new golden age of a White nation? This is all that remains to be determined. We've got a lot to do.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Clown College: Hip-Hop Institute Opens

Every negro is a future (c)rap star, so it stands to reason that the more educated "bruthas" would want to study this highly vibrant art form at the communist indoctrination center. Thanks to vanishing standards, spiritual sickness and overall cultural decay, this is now possible. Barkevious and Ha Ha can now earn college credit listening to other negroes talking over the same four notes being endless repeated. Talking about killing Whites, having sex with White women, killing other negroes, and all the other beautiful and inspiring images and concepts birthed from an 85 I.Q. mind, a narcissism that ignores reality and a simmering hatred for all White people.

Now we can pretend this steaming pile of shit is part of higher education.

Hip-hop has long been used as a vehicle for education

I have to agree with that. Here's some examples:

White boy in the wrong place at the right time
Soon as the car door open up he mine
We roll up quick and put the pistol to his nose
By the look on his face he probably shitted in his clothes

I would kill a cracker for nothing, just for the fuck of it

Snipers hitting Caucasians with semi-automatic shots heard around the world

Don't bust until you see the whites of his eyes, the whites of his skin

There's a positive side and the positive side is this: sooner than later the brothers will come to Islam, and they will be the soldiers for the war  

Shaking pinky up on a dull-ass ice-pick

Sticking guns in crackers' mouths

It's open season on crackers, you know; the morgue will be full of Caucasian John Does

Blacks and Mexicans must take a stand. . . . I'm down with Chico, and not with the man

We got crackers to kill; sending them back in on a ship to Europe 

The white man is the devil

Check out the countless children’s videos that teach fundamentals like spelling and math through rap. 

Look out racially homogenous Asian countries, we've got a new secret weapon!

9th Wonder, born Patrick Douthit, became a “professor” at the college when he was named Artist in Residence in 2006.

Negro delusion and narcissism, make-work jobs, special preferences, the usual.

In addition to setting up the Hip-Hop Institute, Douthit is currently a professor at Harvard University, a three-year fellowship where he is conducting his thesis on the samples that encompass his Top 10 albums and teaching a Standards of Hip-Hop course. It’s documented in his film The Hip-Hop Fellow.

The death of our institutions, followed by the death of our nation. Ranking hate-filled, anti-White jungle music as a thesis. 

After that, the Institute will be broken into four schools, including Mass Communications, Law, History, and Music. Later, Science and Technology will be added to the roster.

No, this isn't something I got from The Onion. This is the pathetic absurdity of a nation that has lost its mind. We're going to close that science and technology gap by making grade-school rhymes about shooting Whites and converting to Islam. 

Douthit insists that he is confident in the Hip-Hop Institute's ability to prove that hip-hop has now entered a new school of thought. “Everything that people think hip-hop is not, it’s gonna be.”

He then mumbled some words about raping a White woman.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Age 55 "Teen" Shoots White Child, Gun Blamed

Disarming Whites is the next step in the carefully crafted kosher plan to destroy us. The marxists know that an armed man is not going to make a good slave. In the U.S.S.A. it has proven to be a difficult battle and represents perhaps the only area of policy where the Loser Party can legitimately claim to have won victories. Still, they come. The nation wreckers know they can lose a thousand times and none of those defeats mean anything. They only have to win once and it's forever. The sodomite agenda is a good example: voted down repeatedly by disgusted normal people, yet it keeps advancing.

The gun grabbers keep looking for a new "useful crisis," when they aren't manufacturing the crisis from start to finish. Some prove more useful than others. Trying to portray the unbelievably vile actions of a "faded" negro as an example of the inherent evils of firearms probably goes on the "less useful" pile.

Police apprehended a suspect who they say randomly fired a gun from his front porch and struck the 8-year-old boy on Friday.

Another "random" White victim of a race that simply can't function in a civilized society. Our gay Kenyan puppet apparently won't be giving a "think of the children" more needs to be done speech about this particular incident.

Authorities arrested 55-year-old Wayne Snowden of the 300 block of South Hanover Street, North Coventry Township and charged him for aggravated assault for allegedly shooting the child, 8-year-old AJ Hanger, as he rode his bike with a friend around 5 p.m. Friday.

Another "riding a bike in a negro area gone wrong" situation. Where were the parents? If you're not teaching your White children to avoid the negro and negro areas you're not doing your job.

Police say Snowden was standing on his porch speaking with individuals inside the residence when he raised a handgun and fired a single shot in the direction of Coyne Alley.

It's funny how accurate those "stereotypes" are.

This worthless turd shot a child.

The bullet struck Hanger in the leg as he passed the Pottstown Dance Theatre near the intersection of West Main Street and Coyne Alley, North Coventry Township.

Fortunately it's very hard to correctly aim a gun when you're holding it sideways while "faded" on malt liquor.

"The defendant was extraordinarily reckless," said Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan. "The right to own firearms includes the responsibility to handle firearms safely."

If you weren't already physically ill, this should get the job done. Let's demonize gun ownership, let's blame an inanimate object for the appalling pathology of a worthless savage. This is not a gun issue, it's a negro issue. 

Also, "reckless." Yeah, I guess shooting at children from your porch while drunk would fit that description. A pathetic White careerist downplays the horrific anti-soul of a failed race. 

"We are all grateful that this innocent child was not killed just a couple of days before Mother's Day," Hogan added.

Thank you, unnamed deity whose name we're forbidden to say!

"I want to reassure the community that the victim in this case was not specifically targeted," said North Coventry Township Police Chief Bob Schurr. "This was a case of irresponsible gun handling in its most tragic form."

How do they know this? Seriously, what evidence points to this conclusion other than a desire to sweep this incident under the rug? You're a careerist piece of shit, Bob. A White child shot by a jungle animal and you're sure it was some sort of accident, or at worse the evil handgun that commits crimes on its own.

I wonder if this scumbag would say this if it was his child shot. The scary thing is that he probably would. Lambs to the slaughter. Jewish materialism greases the gears of White genocide.

But let's blame the gun and not a evolutionary dead-end that thought it would be fun to shoot a White kid.

Full Story.

The "slap on the wrist" wheels are already in motion, this negro monster is not going to be punished for a crime that's unbelievably awful even by negro standards. I wonder what they'd be saying if the White boy was shot in the head? Would we hear the same bleating about "responsibility" and the importance of "gun handling" and we're 100 percent sure this is just randomly firing a gun gone wrong and not a racially motivated attack?

Probably. The White check cashing traitor deserves as much of the blame for the coming collapse as the communist jew behind the curtain. Maybe more. Take away all White support of the Long March Through the Culture and we'd win tomorrow. They can't destroy us without our consent.

The U.S.S.A. is dead. What remains is an ugly bloated corpse, picked at by scavengers, belching foul gas from rotting organs. The flames of cremation await. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

First Warm Day in Chicago: 15 Shot

Negro pathology is so predictable you could set your watch by it. If the weather gets warm the African tribal warfare will begin. Throw in the vibrant diversity of the natural conservatives invading our dead nation and you have a glimpse of the dark future if our enemy wins and Whites are eliminated. We are now in what a careerist scumbag called "busy season" where the content of their character is on full display. If you're White you need to be armed and avoid this national meltdown as best you can.

At least 15 people, including a 16-year-old boy, were wounded in shootings across Chicago Thursday afternoon through Friday morning, according to authorities.

These are our equals. Open warfare in a city being annexed by Africa and Latin America.

Around 1:20 a.m., someone with a rifle shot at the front of a house  in the 300 block of East 136th Street in the Riverdale neighborhood on the Far South Side, leaving pinky-sized casings in the street. Wounded were a 48-year-old man and a 67-year-old woman. Both were taken to Metro South Medical Center and both were expected to survive.

Shooting at a house gone wrong.

In the 100 block of South Pulaski Road before 1 a.m., a 24-year-old man was shot several times. He was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in serious condition, police said. The wounds were grouped close together on the man's body, and police said the shooter used a .45-caliber handgun.

No race given, as per policy. A jungle monster staggers in for his free health care on our dime. We are funding this nonsense. Pay welfare, allow anti-White special preferences, pay to have bullets pulled out of Barkevious.

About 1:15 a.m., a 24-year-old man was shot in the 4500 block of South Wabash Avenue. He was walking when someone opened fire. The man was taken to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County with a wound to his buttocks.

Evolutionary dead-ends taking bullets to the "booty." Whitey gets the bill. This is a healthy democracy.

Two people were shot in a park on the 1200 block of West Touhy Avenue about 10:50 p.m. Someone from a passing car fired shots toward a group of people gathered there, hitting a 37-year-old man several times and a 36-year-old man in the leg. Both were taken to Saint Francis Hospital in Evanston.

37-year-old "teen" gets it in a drive-by. This is why segregation existed. This is why they need to be removed from the White nation that will replace the U.S.S.A.

Someone shot a 20-year-old man in the 8200 block of South Coles Avenue about 7:20 p.m., Police News Affairs Officer Stacey Cooper said. A vehicle drove by and began shooting at the man, police said. He was listed in good condition.

Fifty years of civil rights. Here's the end result.

Full Story.

Warm weather means that the "diversity" is going to be more dangerous than ever. I trust you've prepare accordingly. Survive the coming collapse, that's the first step toward restoring our racial homeland. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Latest Solution to Detroit Rot: Sell it to China

The Chinese are no strangers to entering the Heart of Darkness, stripping anything of value and then getting out. It isn't surprising that they would turn their attention toward parts of America that might as well be Africa, starting with the Midwest Mogadishu, Detroit. Meanwhile, local "leaders" are desperate enough to accept any solution that doesn't involve facing racial reality. "More immigration!" they bellow, hoping against hope that little brown engineers and doctors will come to a city carpet-bombed by the content of the negro character. It seems that they are coming, not to save the city but to loot it.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder seems to have no qualms about foreign immigration as the path to salvation for America’s first Third-World city, Detroit. Back in January, he announced that he was going to ask the federal government to allocate 50,000 EB-2 visas over five years to Michigan/Detroit to attract those immigrants.

Might as well. It's not like it could get worse than it already is. An entire American city lost to negro dysfunction, brought to its knees by genetic differences and now a Third World hell.

“Let’s send a message to the entire world: Detroit, Michigan is open to the world,” he’s quoted as saying from a press conference at the time.

The open door to nowhere.

Snyder’s plan would be to attract those highly-skilled immigrants to “fill jobs in automotive engineering, information technology, healthcare and life sciences.”

What will actually occur is another flood of uneducated may-hee-cans who can then wage tribal warfare against the negroes with a pile of ruins as a backdrop.

As one might expect, the local majority-Black populace balked at the idea when it was announced.

"Dis sheet be wack. We doan need no em-a-gant fom de tex-now-agee feel. I hate de wite debil."

Even if it does not take a specific job away from native-born job-seekers, it makes immigrants “more marketable than educated current residents,” said the Rev. Horace Sheffield III, executive director of the Detroit Association of Black Organizations.

A leaking bag full of dog shit is more marketable than the current residents, "reverend."

So where does China come into the mix? According to Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog, “Chinese homebuyers and Chinese businesses are starting to flood into the Motor City, and the governor of Michigan is greatly encouraging this.”

Come on in, guys! How would you like to buy a tunnel or island, dirt cheap!

After Detroit announced its bankruptcy in 2013, the Chinese began to take the city by storm. Rich Chinese men see Detroit as a rare opportunity for investment outside their home country.

How to loot America.

This flood of Chinese into various locales around the US tells us what we already know: that America has been partially colonized over the last 50 years by immigrants hailing mostly from Asia and Latin America. While the well-to-do progressives who manage the media-academic Cathedral consistently tell us that this development is a net positive of ‘diversity’ and multiculturalism—while they themselves remain in isolated and racially homogenous enclaves throughout the country—it’s becoming consistently more difficult for the rest of the country to agree.

Everything you need to know about immigration and "diversity" in one neat little paragraph.

But, at least in the case of Detroit, if enough Chinese begin to immigrate there, it seems the city’s majority-Black residents will finally be able to stop blaming White racism for the city’s dysfunction.

Full Story.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gladiator Training in Detroit Public School

Please watch this amazing video featuring Detroit diversity.

This is the American negro in its natural habitat. All against all warfare. Animal noises. Chaos. A mystery meat "instructor" hitting them with a broom. This is the end game of the war against Whites. An entire nation reduced to the moronic savagery we just watched. This is why we must save our race.

A teacher who swatted a student with a broom while trying to break up a frenzied fight between two teenagers was fired over the incident by the Education Achievement Authority.

Everything gets a ridiculous Orwellian title. Education Achievement. More like putting a few dozen animals in a cage and forgetting to feed them.

The fight occurred in a classroom at Pershing High School, one of 15 low-performing Detroit schools taken over by the state-run Education Achievement Authority in 2012.

Low-performing? There's the surprise of the century. Luckily a Stalinist office is here to take over and defeat genetic determinism.

Cellphone video footage of the incident obtained by WJBK-TV shows the teacher frantically trying to stop the fight using a broomstick before the two were finally separated from each other, apparently by classmates.

The content of their character, the all vs. all after the light of civilization has been extinguished.

You gotta lose your mind in Detroit Rot City.

"Unfortunately, the method that she used, in terms of swatting one with a broom, is a violation of the corporal punishment provision under the Michigan school code," he told WJBK. "But she's caught in a quandary because under that same code she's expected to do what is necessary to diffuse a situation."

Maybe next time throw a giant net over the simians?

The two boys involved in the fight were suspended.

No one learned anything.

This is the dark future we must fight against. A future of two-legged animals preying on each other, a future of ignorance, violence and ugliness. A White nation is the answer.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Eating a Taco is "Racist"

Diversity is a mighty strength. An atmosphere where virtually any action or word can be interpreted as a crime by the various victim groups is ideal for a free and open society. And hey, how about all that ethnic food! You wouldn't have that in an all-White nation because making a burrito is like a la-teen-oh Manhattan Project that not a single White can possibly comprehend or duplicate. Just be sure you don't eat it on the wrong day, or anywhere near a meskin, because then it becomes Hate Cuisine. You don't want to offend the foreign invader that's displacing you and destroying your culture, do you?

Northwestern University continued to stumble over diversity issues this week as Mexican students voiced disagreement with a campuswide letter that advised students not to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by engaging in racially-offensive activities, such as eating tacos and drinking tequila.

Strange how "diversity" is always a total and complete disaster. Whites are always the target, while the assorted non-White sewage competes to see who can howl the loudest. Meanwhile the jew behind it all counts the student loan shekels and laughs at the mess it made.

Eating a taco is "racially-offensive." Thank you communist indoctrination center, you're really earning the staggering tuition fees.

Remember that Cinco de Mayo commemorates Mexico’s victory over France in the Battle of Puebla. It is not a day to throw a sombrero-themed party, they said.

We're supposed to be nodding with grim approval at the Whites that were killed and thinking about how the current White genocide is totally justified. Whites are not allowed to be happy. The only thing we can do that isn't offensive to our enemies is die.

“Some of our peers choose to throw ‘Mexican-themed’ parties that are culturally insensitive, offensive, and detrimental to the Northwestern community,” said the letter, which noted that this was a problem year after year. “Drinking tequila shots, eating tacos, and wearing sombreros do not commemorate Mexican culture; on the contrary, that offends, marginalizes, and isolates many of our friends, classmates, and community members, and casts our entire community in poor light.”

"Mexican culture" is, of course, a giant pile of garbage. Filth. Inability to use a toilet. Welfare dependency. Noise. More filth. Refusal to learn English or assimilate. Crime. Perversion. This is what the may-hee-can brings to our vibrant salad bowl.

The two Alianza presidents who signed the letter are not Mexican, according to The Daily Northwestern.

No one cheers louder for White genocide than guilt-ridden, brainwashed Whites.

More "Mexican Culture."

“I’d like to say that I proudly embrace my tacos, tequila and sombreros,” wrote Ruben Antonio Marcos Bours, a Northwestern student, in a statement.

"Eyyy, gringo loco. I like to eet dee taco and drinkee tequila, I theeeennk. It as good as a White bitch heeting on you. Eyes moy macho."

Another student who grew up in Mexico called the letter “over the top.”

Don't worry, la-teen-oh, this madness is only for slumbering White sheep.

“The people who wrote it had a good intention, but their perspective is different,” said Pablo Garcia Romero, a Northwestern student, in a statement.

We committed national suicide, but it's o.k. because we had good intentions.

Alianza’s letter was no more popular among non-Latino students. “I’ll probably still go to Chipotle and drink Corona tomorrow, but I do that like everyday is it still offensive?” asked one online commenter.

Everyday I'm drunk and consuming poison. Sick in mind and body, another future victim.

Realizing that the letter was poorly received, representatives for Alianza and ASG confirmed that they are drafting a new letter that will better explain their position on Cinco de Mayo sensitivity.

This new letter will just be "Kill Whitey" repeated over and over.

Don't say or do or eat anything without getting permission from the communists first. Keep telling yourself how free you are. Be sure to pay that student loan, too.

Anti-White and therefore not offensive.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Racially Motivated "Smack Cam" Attacks Hit Public School

Public School is child abuse. The endless kosher lies about how we're all equal despite massive evidence to the contrary and how race doesn't exist but Whites are evil and so on is bad enough. If there's a significant percentage of la-teen-ohs and negroes racially motivated attacks are likely, attacks that will be ignored by those in power. The violence, the third world ugliness, the soviet war propaganda taught as fact...get your children out of there while you still legally can.

Three Allentown high school students have been charged with ethnic intimidation for allegedly recording themselves bullying other students and posting the resulting “smack cam video” on Facebook.

Another scene from a dead nation. Walking dog turds preying on Whites and recording the results. With no fear of punishment (it would be "races!") the negro reverts to its natural pathology.

The three males – two aged 15 and one aged 14 – are accused of selecting the victims, in part, because they are white, according to a news release from Lehigh County District Attorney James Martin.

Yeah, "in part." It's probably just a crazy coincidence that all the targets were White. Go back to sleep, nothing to see.

Three teens were sitting at a table in the school cafeteria when three other teens allegedly approached and started making comments. Prosecutors said the teens used profanities to mock the other students’ race, stature and appearance, such as the glasses they were wearing.

The content of their character.

The suspects used the racial slur “pink” in referring to the white victims, according to investigators.

Maybe these "teens" can become "community activists" in a few years. They won't be seriously punished for this, after all.

Investigators said the teen filming the incident then took close-ups of the three boys seated at the table and concluded the video by saying, “That was a Smack Cam 3. All right, we done.”

That was an egalitarian democracy. All right, we done.

"We be larnin an sheet."

The three suspects, whose identities are not being released due to their ages, are charged with harassment, a summary offense, and ethnic intimidation, a third-degree misdemeanor.
We'd make them do a book report, but no one died. 

The undeclared one-sided race war continues, in the public schmuels, in the streets, in the halls of government. Their ultimate goal is White genocide. We need to survive and organize. The end of the U.S.S.A. is coming.  

Friday, May 2, 2014

No Prison Time For "Bored" Negroes Who Killed a White Man

It happened in August, 2012. I remember it like it was yesterday. Six "teens." Boredom. A "random" attack on the first available White man. The victim had no health insurance, had lost his factory job so a few wealthy jew bastards could become slightly more wealthy. When I reported this horrific attack I mentioned that actual punishment was unlikely for the negroes. No prizes for getting that one right. The victim wasted away, never recovering from the physical and mental trauma of a racially motivated attack that happened because worthless brown animals weren't sufficiently entertained. He died about a year later, another forgotten victim of the undeclared, one-sided race war. Now it's finally over, with sentences for the killers that are a sick joke. It's now open season on Whites in the U.S.S.A.

Be armed. Be ready to act. Avoid the negro. The negro hates us, the kosher system wants us dead. It's up to us.

It's taken almost two years, but the case involving the teens who beat up a man because they were bored is finally over.

Another fair and speedy trial in the land of the fee and the home of the slave.

Thursday morning, a judge sentenced the final 16-year-old -- convicted in the beating of Pat Mahaney in North College Hill -- to probation and mental health treatment.

Yes, you read correctly. A negro that murdered a White man because there was nothing better to do is not going to do a single day in prison. This fully mature monster was probably tried as a "child" and given special treatment because the typical negro pathology was considered a "mental illness." Now it's free to ruin more White lives.

Judge Sylvia Hendon said the teen was the least culpable in the attack.

He only kicked him in the head a few times, as opposed to dozens.

Officials said six teenagers beat Mahaney in August 2012 until he lost consciousness and then continued until a neighbor called police.

They continued to attack a completely unconscious victim. If the neighbor hadn't "snitched" it might have gone on even longer. These things are not human. Even calling them animals seems like an insult to animals. This vile walking dog shit needs to be removed from White nations.

Mahaney died 11 months later from causes unrelated to the attack.

Yeah, "unrelated." Sure. Go back to your jew produced sports and porn, go into your careerism coma, ignore reality.

Forgotten White victim.

The teen didn't respond to Hendon's questions in court. "Hello, out there?" Hendon asked as she waved at the teen after he didn't answer her question. 

A moronic piece of garbage that can't even answer a simple question. Pretending these monsters were our equals is the flat earth of our times, the State Religion propped up by endless lies and propaganda. This "teen" is a brainless, soulless creature that should have been put down. It never should have been anywhere near White people to begin with. 

The teens involved have been sentenced to a variety of punishments because the case has been handled by two different judges.

The common denominator is the unbelievable miscarriage of justice that occurred. The rule of law is a joke in the U.S.S.A.

The first two teenagers got probation, had to write a book report and serve 10 days on a work detail.

Write a book report on why killing Whitey is wrong. This is not some tasteless parody. This is a scene from a dead nation, a stinking corpse being consumed by the maggots of "diversity" and prepared for the cleansing fire of the full collapse. 

Two other teens had to complete a nine-month disciplinary program.

Maybe write "I will not kill Cracker Devils" on a blackboard a few dozen times.

"This court is supposed to rehabilitate children, not break them," Hendon said.

The stench from the bench. A fully physically mature negro that's as smart as it's going to get is a "child." No justice for Whites. Shut up and die, that's what our enemies want.

The teen apologized to Mahaney's family, but Mahaney's brother said he wasn't buying it.

"I be solly I done beet dat honky debil after he be all knocked out and sheet." 

"No, I didn't think it was heartfelt. The grandmother, I do. But, him? He wasn't saying anything to anybody, not even the judge," Michael Mahaney said. "Pat's last year was hell on earth."

But remember, that ruined life and premature death was all "unrelated" according to the professional liars in the dinosaur media.

"I hope he does get a job and gets his life turned around. I think out of all of them, he does have hope," Michael Mahaney said.

Good boys, turning their life around. They kept beating the lifeless body of a man they attacked because he was White and they were bored. I don't know what more needs to be said. 

Wake. The. Fuck. Up.

90 I.Q. militarized Police won't protect you. The "races" justice system won't even punish the racially-fueled attacks. Summer is coming and with it more black pack attacks, more Knockout Game, more content of their character, more reasons why segregation and then removal are the only viable answers. If you're not prepared to protect yourself and your family you're going to become another forgotten victim, another boredom cure that was cast aside by a nation with spiritual syphilis.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Here For Better Child Rape

The la-teen-oh is a natural conservative with excellent family values, we are told. Inside every brown, sawed-off, unwashed, doesn't know how to correctly use a toilet, "eye speeek-ee nada In-gleeesh," criminal invader is a small government and individual rights conservative, desperately trying to get under the mental border fence of laziness, welfare dependency and refusal to assimilate. It's just a matter of time before these alien leeches start supporting candidates that will end their free ride on Whitey's dime, trust me, it totally makes sense.

While we're waiting for this unbelievably shrewd Loser Party strategy to pay off the communists in power have decided that doing anything to stop the foreign conquest is "races" and wrong. We don't want to hear any more heart-rending tales about how Pablo was sent back to may-hee-co and torn from his thirty children for something as trivial as violating our national sovereignty. This policy has led to child rape, but hey, eggs, omelet, etc.

In March 2014, illegal aliens were charged with more than 250 separate counts of sex crimes against children, throughout the state of North Carolina.

Doing the sick evil that Whites won't. Our criminal government enabled this.

This war against the children of North Carolina is simply the inevitable result of both the Obama administration's decision to basically suspend all immigration enforcement, as well as city governments throughout the state implementing so-called 'sanctuary policies' which shield criminal aliens from possible deportation.

A nation that has lost its soul and mind. The demographic displacement of Whites has been accomplished. The marxists will never lose another election, they finally have their massive dependent underclass. Balkanization and secession now loom large.

Eyyy, I vote for libertarian candidates, I theeenk.

In light of the fact that more than 250 sex crimes were committed by illegal aliens in North Carolina during a one-month period, one must ask the question...How many such offenses occurred last month in the border states of Arizona, or Texas or California?

The more you think about it the sicker you'll feel. Then you'll realize this was all done intentionally by big jew to destroy traditional White America.

Of course, the federal government fails to keep statistics on the number of crimes committed by those here illegally, so we simply don't know.

An amazing way to lower crime rates, as seen in Chicago.

However, if the total number of sex crimes committed in this country by illegal aliens was ever divulged, it would forever bring to an end, any hopes of amnesty legilsation actually getting through Congress...Hence, the secrecy!

Yeah, don't bet on it. The appalling negro crime rate is known to all but the most deluded marxist true-believers and all we get as a response is "more needs to be done" and "White racism caused this."

A nation of millions invaded and conquered without a single shot fired. We were asleep in front of the electronic synagogue when our country was lost. Now the victorious invaders reap the spoils and rape our children. We're not going to vote our dead nation back to life. We must build a White homeland to replace it.