Tuesday, November 21, 2017

France Surrenders

It's getting almost impossible to ignore the fact that Western Europe is rapidly dying by its own hand. In Current Year it's no longer just the "racists" pointing out the spectacular failure of unlimited foreign invasion. Now it's the deluded champions of cultural marxism huddled within collapsing ivory towers who have started to notice that the army of jihad is not embracing the apathy, hedonism and suicidal indifference to obvious threats that are now the only remaining virtues. With the problem identified, the next step is, of course, offering terrible 40 watt bulb ideas and here we are. Maybe we can just turn over a large chunk of our country to the moe-ham-head-dan conquerors, this will be sure to pacify them and stop our pathetic slouch toward an open jewish grave.

A French academic has suggested creating a Muslim state within France in order to prevent a civil war. 

Vichy France is back and it's better than ever!

Professor Christian de Moliner claims that a second society has formed in France, which he described as: “A branch that wants to settle their lives on religious values and is fundamentally opposed to the liberal consensus on which our country was founded.

Yeah. No shit. Maybe you should have brought this up when kosher hands were opening the floodgates to allow this pathological brown deluge. That would have taken wisdom and courage, so I can understand why you didn't. Now, with the coming death of France obvious to anyone but an idiot, you can timidly observe that water is wet and maybe if we wanted to stay dry we shouldn't have allowed this kosher tidal wave.

“We can never convert the 30% of Muslims who demand the introduction of sharia law to the merits of our democracy and secularism. 

"They will adopt your nihilistic values and become just as French as you!" declared the wandering merchant without a hint of shame. It was all a lie.

“We are now allowing segregation to take place that does not say its name. Rather than veil the face or adopt unimaginable measures in democracy (remigration, forced evictions of the most radical), why not establish a dual system of law in France?”

Yes. Setting up an elaborate and humiliating dual system makes a lot more sense than "unimaginable" measures like deporting known terrorists.

De Moliner writes that Emmanuel Macron winning the Presidential election will not make the problems disappear, it will only kick the can down the road.

The broken clock is right for the second time today!

“We will never be able to eradicate the radical Islamism,” he says, adding: “While we are not yet at open war, the faithful of the Prophet are already regrouping in areas sometimes governed by special rules.”

The spirit of la resistance truly lives on. There's nothing we can do. Maybe groveling appeasement will keep the scimitar off our necks for a few more years.

The academic’s ‘solution’ is to create a “state inspired by colonial Algeria and Mayotte of the twentieth century: one territory, one government, but two peoples: the French with the usual laws and Muslims with Qur’anic status (but only for those who choose it).”

Our modern technological society will now be modeled after a colonial backwater from a hundred years ago.

“The latter will have the right to vote unlike the natives of colonial Algeria, but they will apply Shariah in everyday life, to regulate matrimonial laws (which will legalize polygamy) and inheritance.”

We'll have harems and honor killings and genital mutilation and rape gangs, but trust me, you'll still clearly be able to identify the rotting remains of your homeland. You won't need dental records, the maggot-eaten face with melted eyeballs and a jaw that just fell off will still be the proud visage of the land of your ancestors.

“However, this system would involve schools or hospitals reserved for believers and therefore the creation of local committees that will manage them independently. A council of ulemas will fix the religious law, but the autonomy will stop there.”

Moon cultists will be stoning you for blasphemy, but that will be one of the only powers the "ulemas" will have, don't worry. This sickening dhimmitude will save muh democracy. No, really.

“This system worked without too many problems from 1890 to 1940 in Algeria.”

...and who wouldn't want to live in 1890 Algeria.

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Displaced People

It is no secret that Hungary has become one of the safest countries in the world. While Western Europe opened its borders and accelerated its Islamisation during the migrant crisis, Eastern Europe did the opposite.

This very basic pattern recognition is, of course, "wrong" and you should be ashamed for noticing. You committed made-up evils in the disastrous jewish century, you need more shekels for muh economy, you're aging and this is going to happen anyway. Stay and die in your spiritually leprous homelands that are rapidly being conquered by moon cultist rapefugees.

Western Europe’s governments actively try to cover-up migrant crimes but there’s no denying reality: in a lot of countries it’s a big problem and countries like Germany, Belgium and Sweden are even losing control over it.

When your capital is burning and "Send in the army!" is being floated as a possible solution to the self-inflicted destruction, it's safe to say you've lost control. That's the funny thing about reality: it really doesn't care if it has your approval or even your attention.

What a lot of people wouldn’t have dreamed of predicting for decades is now happening: An increasing number of people are not moving from Eastern Europe to Western Europe, but in the opposite direction.

I know, who could have predicted this? We're not Nostradamus, all right? It seemed a safe assumption that millions of religious, cultural and racial aliens would quickly adopt Western Europe's semitic garbage culture of empty materialism, pathetic hedonism, and lonely death. Instead, they want to kill the kuffir, just like every other time they invaded Europe. Only now the cannons and hordes of slave soldiers have been replaced with sad pictures of poor little moe-ham-head and "It's the right thing to do!" bleating from jew criminals and their useful idiot puppets. For some reason a few "racist" people aren't happy with their planned annihilation.

The Dutch family Bastiaensen, who owned a vacation home in Hungary, realised that the city of Budapest was safer than their Dutch capital Amsterdam. The combination of Hungary’s lower taxes and the fact that there are no Muslims made them decide to immigrate to the country.

"Diversity" is such a mighty strength we're willing to leave our ancestral lands just to escape it. I wonder how long it will take for the same people that fled the rot to start advocating for it in their new home. Be careful, Hungary. They might not be sending you their best.

The family says Hungary’s prime minister is doing a great job: “Viktor Orbán puts Hungarians first and Hungary’s excellent border controls make our fear of terror almost absent.”

Hungary is made great, again. No moose-limbs means no trucks on undocumented roads or detonations during songs about the "dick bicycle." If you notice this it's wrong because the precious six million were made into soap and you must be punished with invading columns of enemygrants.

 This is why we fight.

According to the family at least three hundred Dutch and Belgians have bought houses near the town of Csemö. “All our neighbours are Dutch and it’s pleasant to have other Dutch people near us.”

Here we can safely watch our native land die.

Several estate agents confirm the experience of the family. Dutch estate agent Robert Kemers says that at least a thousand Belgians now live in Hungary and that since the start of the migrant crisis the number of inquiries is surging. “After every terror attack we see a spike in the number of website visits” he says.

Broken Window Economy meets Broken Nation Economy. Every time an alien invader does what the stone cube it worships demands it means more geld pumped into the latest, saddest version of White flight.

A Belgian estate agent says about it: “Two of my clients said that they were fleeing from refugees and that they needed a house in Hungary.”

Who speaks for the indigenous peoples having their land stolen from them by violent foreigners? 

German estate agent Ottmar Heide tells somewhat the same story: Eight in ten people who call me say that they want to leave Germany because of its migrant policy.

Sanctimony makes for a poor coat when the endless winter comes.

With the continuation of Europe’s migration crisis and the return of ISIS from Syria, it is to be expected that migration from Western Europe to Eastern Europe will continue.

Yeah. I would expect this.

With a little bit of drama the question could be asked if these people are the first ‘refugees’ who have fled from Western Europe’s failed multicultural project to a safe haven in Eastern Europe.

Well, there was the Visigoths, bigot.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Foreign Invasion Will Save Muh Economy

We need more slavery. It's an economic necessity if our cotton-based industrial model is going to compete in the global marketplace of the future and there's also the problem of an "aging" Southern White population. The negro slaves will do the jobs Whites won't and we'll be able to convert them, save their souls and give them meaningful labor that will pump countless shekels into the GDP. Any argument against slavery is clearly motivated by the wickedness of the person making it. It's the right thing to do and besides, we're helping the poor wandering jew who owns the slave ships.

Jump ahead to Current Year and we're facing the same lame and disingenuous arguments for another peculiar jewish institution that's obviously destructive and wrong. We must open our borders for massive foreign invasion, it's the only way to "survive." To save my country it was necessary to destroy it.

The U.S. economy faces higher deficits, reduced government benefits and near-zero interest rates unless policymakers act aggressively, Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester said Thursday.

The ship is sinking! Drill more holes in the hull!

In a speech to the Cato Institute in Washington, Mester painted a bleak picture driven in part by an aging population and lower productivity. Rising Social Security and health costs already are projected to carve a bigger hole in the federal budget, pushing the deficit to an unacceptable level.

If we can learn to live with over twenty trillion (!!!) in kosher sin debt I'm not sure what would qualify as "unacceptable."

One suggestion she has to accelerate growth and address declining productivity is immigration. Her remarks took direct aim at a priority of the Trump administration to curtail the inflow of foreigners, particularly from countries with large Muslim populations.

Everyone knows that moon cultists are hard workers for muh economy, law-abiding, totally compatible with our semitic garbage culture, don't age, won't use health care services and will be able to save our retirement funds. This is a great idea, I can tell you really thought this through.

"Policies that increase immigration, not reduce it, that support continuing education, that encourage R&D and innovation, and that provide incentives so people work longer should receive attention."

 Saving muh economy.

"In a world where counter-cyclical fiscal policy is constrained, business cycle volatility could rise, and monetary policy could find itself near the zero lower bound more often, potentially requiring the use of nontraditional policy tools such as asset purchases and forward guidance in order to meet monetary policymakers' economic objectives," she said.

The dismal science provides a boring and incomprehensible lecture on why we need to be flooded with brown opportunists. 

Mester will be a voting member of the policymaking Federal Open Market Committee next year, when the central bank also gets new members to fill the three vacancies on the board of governors.

I don't know about you, but I definitely feel a lot more confident about our future.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

"Men" Blamed for Sweden's Rape Epidemic

How many cultural, religious, genetic and racial aliens should a White nation be required to warehouse on a generous entitlement system and then allow to run wild? Is there a limit at all? Slowly it's becoming acceptable for a European to ask these questions, even if the most common answer is still some minor variation on "You're a 'racist' hater and evil!" or "There's plenty of native Whites participating in gang rapes, honor killings, allah rides on undocumented roads and the like, no we won't show you any numbers, shut up and die."

Today's subject is a nicely representative example of the highly dishonest and hate-filled answers that are provided to highly legitimate inquiries into our increasingly bleak future as a hated minority in our own lands. It turns out the problem isn't the invasion columns of rapefugees, so you can rest easy now and stop raising awkward issues related to your planned kosher genocide.

Sweden’s justice minister has rejected a proposal by the Moderate party to record the ethnic backgrounds of sex attackers saying the only thing that matters is that they are men. 

Yes, this is all that matters. Basic pattern recognition is the mortal sin of this age. The "men" involved might share some other common traits, but that's irrelevant and you're wicked if you think otherwise. There does not seem to be a limit to the delusional suicidal mania the Swedish mind is capable of.

Justice Minister Morgan Johansson said that the Moderates wanted to simply blame the rise in sex crimes on migrants and argued that all criminals should be treated equally. 

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all criminals are created equal and endowed by their barbaric islamic nation of origin with a violent contempt for their benefactors. There is rich and exciting "diversity" among the Swedish rape apes: Syrian moose-limbs, Somalian moose-limbs, Eritrean moose-limbs, Afghani...

Johansson also pointed to the #metoo movement saying that sex attacks occur among all ethnicities and backgrounds in Sweden, broadcaster SVT reports. 

We can now confirm that being awkwardly asked out for coffee by a gelded Swedish beta male and being repeatedly gang-raped by foreign invaders are exactly the same. Sure, moe-ham-head is running a child prostitution brothel that we're ignoring for fear of "racism" accusations, but Bjorn once smiled at me without my permission, which is also rape according to jewish feminism.

“The common denominator of those who commit these crimes is that they are men,” Johansson said and added: “It seems that the Moderates are pulling out of talking about the men’s role in this and instead just want to blame the immigrants.”

The important thing is every single "human" burning cars and attacking our women had ears. This is the real problem, ears. We really need to focus on the auditory menace. Any other explanation is wrong, just ask the traveling merchant.

This was caused by men.

Earlier this year, the populist Sweden Democrats made a similar proposal when they asked the government for information relating to the relationship between migration and crime.

We must also examine the relationship between fire and heat.

Johansson rejected the request saying: “Sweden’s earlier figures and numerous international studies all show much the same thing. Minority groups are often overrepresented in crime statistics, but when controlling for socioeconomic factors this [the overrepresentation of minority groups] disappears almost entirely.”

Poverty makes you rape women and commit arson. Seems legitimate. Meanwhile, this same savage penury consists of endless hand-outs from a criminal government, free housing, plenty of access to White victims, generous welfare payments, no incentive to seek employment, etc. 

The Moderates have also made a number of other suggestions to reform the rape laws in Sweden, including increasing the sentence for coercive rape to five to eight years in prison and very serious rape should have a sentence of between seven and 10 years behind bars.

These comically lenient sentencing guidelines will surely discourage the moon cult army currently conquering our homeland and claiming war trophies.

The proposal by the Moderates follows a call by 10 members of the party to deploy the military to help police in the growing number of heavily migrant-populated no-go zones in the country last month. 

This is the state of Swedenistan in current year. Send in the military! 

The proposal was ultimately rejected by Justice Minister Johansson who said: “There are no military solutions to the problems.”

Yeah. No shit. The solution is deportation, borders and a restoration of national identity and sanity.

Johansson has been the subject of controversy in the past for his various statements, including totally refusing to ever consider stripping the citizenship of Islamic State fighters returning to Sweden from the Middle East. Johansson said the Swedish government refuses to make anyone “stateless”.

I'm sure your generosity toward the worshipers of a snake idol will be fondly remembered when your defiled corpse is rotting in an unmarked grave.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Armed White Man Defeats Negro Home Invasion

Turn in your guns, shkotzim! Once you're completely defenseless you'll be a lot safer from deranged cultural marxist true believers, la-teen-oh invaders and predatory "African-Americans." Somehow this compelling kosher argument is failing to gain much traction among the gentiles. We need to be armed. Gun ownership may be the only thing between you and your loved ones becoming memory hole fodder after a "rape gone wrong." Whites in America are under attack from the teeming shit-colored mass and we need to prepare accordingly.

A Florida father has revealed how he bravely confronted four teens with a gun after they allegedly attempted to kidnap his 17-year-old daughter and break into his home.

Those crazy "teens" and their innocent little pranks, like trying to break into a home in furtherance of kidnapping, rape and murder. You were young once, right? This is just vibrant youthful exuberance, it's because you're "racist" that you have a problem with it.

Terry Brackney's daughter, Amber Brackney, 17, was the alleged target of a foiled kidnapping plot, which saw four teenagers, armed with a knife, guns, and a roll of tape, surround their home in Crestview, Florida.

Current Year America is not a safe place for White teen girls, obviously. We need a lot more of these dark monsters in the Whitest remaining areas. We're all equal.

Keilon Johnson, 19, Austin French, 17, Tyree Johnson, 16, and Kamauri Horn, 15, have all been charged with attempted kidnapping and attempted home invasion robbery following the November 7 incident. 

When something called "Keilon" is trying to crawl through the window of your house you're going to want to be able to respond with immediate deadly force. No one is coming to help, no one will care if you're murdered by jungle monsters, it's up to you.

On the night of the incident, Amber had called her dad to tell him that someone had used barrels to block the road leading up to their home.

This attempted kidnapping/rape/murder is like a negro Manhattan Project. These are good boys, turning that life around, clearly college material, future highway engineers or rappers.

Soulless nightmare animal shows remorse for the sickening crime it attempted.

'I automatically thought this is something that would happen in a scary movie,' Amber told Good Morning America.
Coming this Halloween from the Harvey Weinstein Company, a "scary movie" that will leave you breathless. Four White as freshly fallen snow criminals try to break into the home of a humble jewish family with the worst of intentions. Be sure to go see "Kidnapping Gone Wrong," goyim.

Amber said she remembered playing with one of the teens allegedly involved when she was younger, saying he would come over to her house. 

The mighty strength of diversity. Try to befriend dangerous genetic aliens, what could possibly go wrong?

She said they have since grown apart, but she never expected him to be part of such a kidnapping plot.

Fortunately no miscegenation occurred, voluntary or otherwise.

'I see these kids every day walking down the hallway,' she said. 'I never expected them to try to attempt to kidnap me and harm me and do such a thing to my family.'

They sure seemed harmless, loudly "rapping" about their genitals while leering menacingly at me. I thought they might steal cars or engage in a "robbery gone wrong," but not kidnapping, no way. If you have daughters you have to teach them racial reality. To fail to do so is insane negligence.

Terry Brackney, a funeral director, said that later in the evening after Amber had gone to sleep, he noticed a motion sensor light turn on outside and that his dogs wouldn't stop barking.

A well-prepared White man swings into action. Time to add "explaining to my daughter that everything she's taught at school or sees on the talmudvision is a lie" to your list of sensible precautions.

He saved his daughter from becoming an African war trophy.

'The dogs seemed to be barking towards the garage,' he told Good Morning America, adding that he took his gun and ran outside, where he found a group of teens trying to force their way into his garage. 

Those wacky kids, probably just playing around, etc.

'That's when I yelled at them and fired three shots with my glock, and they took off running,' the 51-year-old told GMA. 'It was at that point that I went back in my house and called 911.' 

The negro melts in the face of an armed White man. This was almost the correct way to use 911. It would have been better if you'd "limited" a few of them and were calling for negro body disposal. 

'The goal was to first force her out of her car by blocking the road with barrels and garbage cans,' the OCSO said of their investigation. 'They then planned to head to her house, confront and subdue her father - who they believed to be wealthy - and rob the home.' 

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Amber told ABC News that her father is a 'hero' for confronting the teens at the home.

For once the sarcasm quotes are mostly inappropriate.

A happy ending, for a change.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Spirit of Pavlik Morozov

The trend began with what many would brush off as reckless teenage behavior. Some students at a Dresden school, considered it cool when one's cellphone battery was 88 percent loaded, alluding to the numerical neo-Nazi code for the letters "HH," short for "Heil Hitler."

Any sane person wouldn't have made a big deal out of this goofy behavior, but this is Germanistan in its dying days and this is a city that was once transformed into a burnt offering for the jew. We must punish the secret cellphone battery Hitlerism severely, lest some of these doomed youngsters start wondering why their own kosher government has turned against them by preparing Dresden for another jew-authored massacre.

When a student sneezed, the others responded with a "Heil" rather than the usual "Gesundheit" or "god bless you." They considered the infamous Hitler salute "funny."

What these kids need is a few decades in a gulag. If only someone would bravely turn them in so we can begin the re-education process.

"Suddenly 'Jew' was an insult," said 15-year-old Emilia S., who found the anti-Semitic jokes too much to handle.  But she did not know how to react. She was afraid of being seen as the odd-one out by her classmates.

Suddenly there's a glimmer of hope for Germany's windblown judeo-islamic future. Unfortunately, the class suck-ass is on the case. There's always one. It's time to notify the Stasi.

But soon it started to get worse. The jokes and Nazi symbols became more and more extreme.

Oy vey, the jokes are getting worse! And such small punchlines!

One day in her classroom, Emilia came across a picture of smoke bearing a caption "Jewish family photo." She finally decided to stand up and asked her classmates to stop the "Nazi nonsense."

LOL. Next time use a picture of living room furniture.

She was met with hostility. 

The hero's journey, as presented by a nation that has lost its mind and its soul.

 I turned in my classmates and earned the approval of a semitic vampire.

"Maybe many felt what I did was right, but they didn't think they could speak up," Emilia S. told DW.

I only had the full weight of the corrupt government on my side. 

Emilia feels the students in her class did not have the "right attitude." She says some students took such tragic aspects of German history very lightly, while the others joined them out of fear.

Instead of being filled with suicidal guilt they're cracking jokes about the electric belts and the skull smashing machines. They need to be arrested.

The 15-year-old's courage was recognized on Tuesday by the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe with the Prize for Civil Courage against Right-wing Radicalism, Anti-Semitism and Racism.

Never has the phrase "Wow, what a hero!" been more appropriate.

Emilia donated a quarter of her €2000 ($2,300) prize money to a 14-year-old Jewish boy from Berlin, who suffered anti-Semitic abuse at the hands of his classmates earlier this year.

You got called a name once, here's some shekels from a future childless cat-lady.

The boy's family said they would donate the prize money to a new counselling center for victims of anti-Semitic violence.

Finally a place we can go to complain about the cattle, even if it is really humid in there.

R.I.P. Germany.

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Lighter Side of Negro Pathology: Muh Chicken McNuggets

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to copy and spread far and wide.

Welcome to the other America, the growing parallel society that exists as a malignant tumor alongside the White rump state. It could not be more alien, but it's right in your backyard. There is essentially no difference between the dark animals in this video and the sub-Saharan Africans hacking up their fellow evolutionary failures for witchcraft amulets, save the vestigial remnants of White civilization that serves as a backdrop for these monkeyshines. Over fifty years of appeasement, groveling, lying, spending, distorting and dying accomplished nothing other than creating a permanent kosher demand for more useless sacrifices. Welcome to McDonald's, can we take your order?

We cut to the "drive thru" where completely indecipherable morlock babble is emanating from within the building. We'll soon learn why, but for the moment it's an amazing mystery. Better call the panic line. "Nine-one-one, do you need someone to swing by and clean up the dead bodies? If you are currently being murdered, please stay on the line." Meanwhile a creature straight from a dark nightmare crawls out of the "hee-ah bee yo chucken, mudda fudda" opening, continuing to show off the poise and elocution that often wins collegiate debate tournaments.

Back inside the five star restaurant currently under dark continent siege, a negro saunters lazily past the camera behind the counter, its gait and general demeanor calling to mind something from the left side of a "Ascent of Man" poster. The floor is revealed to be covered in garbage, making this particular Clown Burger slightly messier than the nation average. These hominids should be making at least one Negro Hamilton and one King Lincoln an hour, that's for sure. Another missing link moves about furtively deeper within this Industrial-Junk Food Complex, barely caught on camera like one of those amazing moments in a nature film that just happens without any planning. 

It's difficult to determine exactly what caused this vibrant malfunction from simply looking at the video evidence, especially with most of the verbal exchanges resting firmly at the "bidda be dat tum" level of incomprehensibility.  As it turns out, "insufficient fried chicken" was the motivating factor.

Now it's time to try to shove the aggressive tar monster customer back out da win-daw. Brought here in jewish chains out of "economic necessity," released at great cost to run wild, an incompatible and dangerous outsider we have to share our spaces with for fear of being called names. This is the raw material for a healthy democracy. If you don't think these creatures are as intelligent and capable as any White person you're a "racist."

"Wut you talkin' about?" Yeah, no kidding. The belligerent she-boon gets back in muh car and presumably drives off. We hold these truths to be self-evident...

Friday, November 10, 2017

More Holohoax Education Needed in Pennsylvania

If you're a piece of unclean meat, and by that I mean non-jewish, you've probably never even heard of the holocaust. The jew is, after all, extremely reluctant to discuss its special and unique suffering, so I guess you can be forgiven if you don't know what I'm talking about. To bring this obscure historical oddity to light, we need to spend more of your tax dollars on promoting this little-known kosher whopper in Rust Belt schools. The cattle, again, that's you and everyone you care about, need to know about the blood geysers, the bone-crushing machines, the electric belts, the shrunken heads, the color-coded smoke, the killer falcons, the boy who was unsuccessfully gassed six times and all the other semitic fairy tales. This should be our number one priority, especially now with many of the chosenite grifters dying and going to hell and more and more Whites wondering why we're being taught Soviet war propaganda.

Ninety-three percent of Pennsylvania school districts are incorporating education on the Holocaust and related topics in their curricula, exceeding the goal set in 2014 legislation encouraging such coursework, according to a report approved Thursday by the state Board of Education.

Instead of learning something potentially useful we're going to waste time and money on filling impressionable minds with long discredited tall tales about Soviet submarine engines, dogs with poison teeth, soup 'n' poop bowls and all the rest. My spellcheck doesn't think "Holodomor" is a word, but we need to worry about the small percentage of goyim who haven't been thoroughly exposed to the Big Lie.

“I'm encouraged that so many schools are including Holocaust, genocide and human rights” in coursework, said Lauren Bairnsfather, director of the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh, which helps to train teachers and hosts student field trips to support such efforts. 

It's great that the shkotzim are being trained to hate themselves and their history. Soon we'll have the thousands of brown slaves promised by the talmud after Whites have been destroyed by a combination of spiritual sickness and direct attacks.

 Trust me.

“We still have a lot of work to do” to improve such education, she said.

Much more needs to be done, as always. There are still non-dead Whites, after all.

The survey was done at the direction of Act 70 of 2014, in which the General Assembly encouraged the teaching about the Holocaust and related topics.

While many Whites drift through a poisonous haze of careerism, materialism, addiction and suicide the traveling merchant is busy passing laws to promote its vile evil.

The act prescribed age-appropriate education into history of anti-Semitism and the Nazi rise to power in Germany, with attention to the “national, ethnic, racial or religious intolerance” involved. 

Expect lots of heavily nuanced "White man bad" and "Don't have children, they could grow up to be Hitler!"

It also called for teaching on genocide elsewhere,

Well, that's a relief. At least the nation-wreckers will be forced to recognize the millions killed by communism during the disastrous jewish century...

including in Rwanda in 1994.

Hank Butler, executive director of the Pennsylvania Jewish Coalition, said future goals include training more teachers and getting voluntary participation by 100 percent of districts. Organizations such as the Shoah Foundation and the Anti-Defamation League provide free curriculum materials, he said.

Eventually we'd like every unclean cattle to have to wear a sign that says "Six Million Precious Jews Lost Because of Me" strapped to their face at all times, but until then we'll have to settle for more of the same indoctrination.

On Thursday evening, the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh hosted a presentation at the Heinz History Center, telling a German Jewish family’s story through the letters exchanged between an immigrant who settled in Pittsburgh and the relatives left behind in Berlin.

Just arrived at Auschwitz, enjoying the swimming pool and theater. Good luck spreading communism to all the gentiles in Amerika. 

“It is our wish that these stories continue to be told by survivors long after we don’t have survivors,” she said.

We'll keep wailing about this until we've completed our goal of White genocide.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Hate Crimes Task Force

In case you were living under a rock or something, our globalist bazaar that anyone can join if they get at least 51% of their brown body (Ah!) over the open border is facing an unprecedented plague of highly legitimate hate crimes. Suffice it to say, more needs to be done. A good place to start would be Massachusetts, a Red State located in the deep south that still struggles beneath a long history of slavery, Jim Crowe and neo-not-see violence. Fortunately, a special "task force" is being formed, at great expense, to track down the White Massholes behind the incorrectly made swastikas, unauthorized hijab removals and "pranks" that later turn out to be the work of a jew or negro but that's not important. The best witch-finders are gathering, in fine Salem tradition, to catch the practitioners of the curious arts.

In the wake of surging hate crimes in Massachusetts and nationally, Governor Charlie Baker has reestablished a task force on hate crimes originally created in the 1990s. Kelly Nee, chief of the Boston University Police Department (BUPD), is one of the 17 task force members appointed by Baker.

With this deeply conservative and "racist" state under siege from evil Ice People who resemble something out of that kosher "Harry Potter infiltrates the nawtrzees" movie, it's time to deploy a powerful coalition of sinecure scumbags, wailing negro professional victims, mental defectives, bug people, delusional true believers and the jew clutching all of their puppet strings in its rat claw.

Baker swore in Nee and the other members Monday. “I am honored to represent Boston University as a member of this important and timely task force,” Nee says.

Coming this fall from the Harvey Weinstein Company: meet the butt-kicking women battling Bay State Hitlerites! You'll cheer as sassy negroes and maybe a token White sodomite clean up the "hate." Go see it right now, goyim.

Careerist bugwoman gets a new sinecure.

Last winter, Massachusetts set up a hotline for reporting hate crimes, which were spiking even further following Donald Trump’s election as president.
It was all lies, but the important thing is it could have happened and some animals are a lot more equal so get ready to pay even more taxes.

The task force will advise Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito on how to address these crimes and support victims. It will meet at least quarterly and write an annual report with recommendations and suggestions for measuring progress.

It will exist mostly on paper, drain resources, accomplish nothing, launder money, participate in graft, make useless blowhard statements every so often and generally become another semitic leech clinging to the rotting flesh of a dead nation, desperately trying to extract blood that is rapidly congealing.

Asked what she hopes to contribute, “I would hope to be able to provide a perspective as a career law enforcement officer,” Nee says. 

If that isn't worth six figures plus, I don't know what is. This "perspective" might even include knowledge on what a correct swastika looks like, to pick a random example.

My 29 years in law enforcement tells me this is somewhat suspicious.

She also helped draw up training and deployment plans for the Boston Marathon after the 2012 bombings that killed three and injured hundreds.

We'll have a dozen heavily armed soldiers on every corner to protect you from the White "racists" (Literally Caucasian!) who committed this horrible act.

“I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with people from diverse backgrounds, sexual identities, ethnicities, and faiths,” Nee says. “I wholeheartedly believe that everyone should be able to go about their day-to-day lives without fear of being targeted for harassment or violence because of ignorance and hatred.

Imagine spouting this drivel because pathetic kosher materialism is more important to you than the destruction of your own people. Imagine actually believing it. Bawk, diverse backgrounds, bawk, bawk, ignorance and hatred, pretty bird, pretty bird, bawk, wholeheartedly, want a cracker, bawk, bawk.

“It’s extremely important that we protect the rights of individuals, even those we disagree with. This task force can explore ways to accomplish this safely and help formulate ways to improve prevention, investigation, and prosecution of hate crimes.”

As you can tell from this grotesque word salad, I'll be working hard for YOU!

Baker says the group members “represent different backgrounds and parts of our state to enhance our commitment to inclusive and tolerant communities.”

We've got a negro, another negro, a guy who I'm pretty sure gets regularly sodomized, some Asian and/or la-teen-oh mystery bag, a hijab head and some brown creature that defies classification other than we're sure it isn't White. These exciting and "diverse" backgrounds will make all the difference.

Among the task force members are police officers, representatives of advocacy groups (including Jewish, Muslim, and LGBTQ), the chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and an Amherst College student. 

Well, I was pretty close. Meet your new heroes: the merchant, the moon cultist, the degenerate sexual deviant, the communist indoctrination center veteran of useless make-work positions and even a student loan debt victim. This is the new Justice League, shkotzim.

Information shared between the chief and the task force, he says, “will not only benefit the Boston University community, but will demonstrate the University’s strong collaboration and commitment to the commonwealth’s efforts to reduce hate, bias, and other forms of discrimination.” 

Whoa, slow down there Champ! Save that meaningless drivel for when you actually have a highly dubious "bias incident" to forcefully condemn before it collapses.

Full Story.

 Send in the task force!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Wrong Stuff: Air Force Hate Hoax

Before we get going I should get this out of the way: yes, this is an entirely new phony hate crime hoax and not a fictional composite of past ones I cobbled together. You could be forgiven for thinking this, of course. All the usual elements are present: a low-effort "racist" incident, the appropriate red-faced outrage from the scumbags, careerists and cultural marxists holding power, "much more needs to be done" moralizing, a promise to have the weight of the law fall on the evil "klan" member like a thousand pounds of bricks and then the quiet collapse when the "African-American" is revealed as the guilty party and any desire for justice rapidly melts away. Or, to put it more succinctly, different day, same old shit. This time it's the heroic American Golem at the center of the fraud, as the brave Eagles for Israel were rocked by highly dubious "hate."

Racist messages written on a whiteboard at the Air Force Academy in September that made national news and inspired an impassioned speech from a lieutenant general were written by a student supposedly victimized by the messages.

Yes, this total and complete bullshit made national news. I guess we shouldn't act so surprised anymore. After all, there's a jewish anti-White agenda to promote and our endless cooperation with our own destruction and groveling appeasement towards dangerous inferiors who hate us and want us dead makes for a very poor Two Minutes Hate subject. We know Whites are bad, a merchant with a weird little cap and a hooked nose said so, now we just need some evidence. How about an easily erased Crime Word on a white (and thus, doubly "racist") board? The kosher fraud news couldn't get enough of this. It was all a lie. Again.

 What, no incorrectly made swastika?

A report from KKTV11 Tuesday states “one of the cadet candidates at the Air Force Academy Preparatory School allegedly targeted by racist remarks has been found responsible for the act.”

Hey negro, watcha doin'?!? I know, who could have predicted this? It seemed so legitimate and we all know the average White serving as kosher cannon fodder holds deeply "racist" views. I don't think we've ever seen a similar deception.

Spokesperson Lt. Col. Allen Herritage told The Gazette in an email, “We can confirm that one of the cadet candidates who was allegedly targeted by racist remarks written outside of their dorm room was actually responsible for the act,” adding, “(t)he individual admitted responsibility and this was validated by the investigation.”

Thank you Lieutenant Colonel Dipshit, we never would have figured this out on our own. It appears that the crops failed because of an early winter and not because of the evil eye. 

The writings sparked national outcry, including a media firestorm that occurred after a speech from Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria condemning racism went viral. 

Let's all cheer as Based Blowhard condemns evil Whites and defends muh multi-culti proposition nation while gasping, wheezing and inflating his soft face like a puffer fish. Don't worry everyone, Psycho General is here to scream and froth at the imaginary "racists!" Take that, anti-American bigots who, strictly speaking, don't actually exist.

Careerist chicken hawk engages in autistic screeching over an obvious hoax. 

Silveria told cadet candidates that any racists needed to “get out” and extolled the “power of the diversity” of the U.S. military.

If "diversity" is such a strength, why does it require massive coercion and endless lies?

He also said in the speech, “We would also be tone deaf not to think about the backdrop of what is going on in our country. Things like Charlottesville, Ferguson, the protests in the NFL.”

Honestly, they should give this p.o.s. a rifle and put him on the front lines of one of our jewish foreign adventures. Maybe send him to Niger. There you can fight for "Charlottesville" and suffer the meaningless and horrible death that you're eagerly willing to inflict on others.

The Gazette also reports that the cadet candidate wrote these fake messages “in a bizarre bid to get out of trouble he faced at the school for other misconduct.”

A negro creating a hate hoax to deflect negative attention? This is so bizarre and unprecedented, I don't know what to make of it. 

This news comes after The Daily Caller repeatedly sought comment from the Air Force Academy to no response. A reporter’s FOIA request over the racist messages was also delayed.

What, no barking Gunnery Sergeant Hartman speeches condemning this? No calls to "get out" from a gutless sinecure coward who wears camouflage indoors for some reason?  Again, this is absolutely shocking.

The identity of the student found responsible has not been released yet.

I'm sure the same courtesy would have been extended to the mythical White perpetrator if this had somehow turned out to be real.

Celebrating "dykes in kites."